Defi 11 Is The Perfect Union Of Blockchain And Fantasy
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Defi 11 Is The Perfect Union Of Blockchain And Fantasy

Friday, September 17, 2021 3:00 PM
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ST. LUCIA, CARIBBEAN / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2021 / The past few years have brought a shift in the psychology of spectatorship. Rather than just watch, people prefer to be involved in some form. This has led to a slew of new innovations in the realms of gaming, streaming, and many more. Among all of these, fantasy sports are becoming one of the most popular. Fantasy sports are a type of game where users assemble teams based on real athletes. They then gain points depending on the performance of their chosen athletes that season.

Although it is widely loved, it is not without its faults. The centralized nature of the majority of fantasy sports games usually leaves users with no recourse in the event of an issue. Companies hold all the power and the lack of transparency means you have no choice but to take their word at face value. In the past, this has led to very worrying situations.

Companies have been known to set up dummy winners in leagues to avoid paying prizes. Sensitive user information submitted to the companies during registration is also always at risk if the network gets hacked or being traded with other companies for profit. Recently though, a new competitor has announced itself and it aims to solve many of the problems plaguing the present fantasy sports environment.

Decentralization Will Bring Many Benefits To Fantasy Sports

Defi 11 is touted as the world's first-ever fully decentralized fantasy sports ecosystem. It aims to solve a lot of the problems plaguing the current fantasy sports landscape while also introducing a slew of new innovations that will merge blockchain and gaming perfectly. The centralized nature of the fantasy sports scene already makes it ripe for blockchain disruption and Defi 11 seems poised to take full advantage of it.

Blockchain by its nature alone offers quite a few advantages that fantasy sports could benefit strongly from. The publicized nature of blockchain transactions means that all payouts can be verified to have been made to the proper addresses. These addresses are non-duplicable and provided that all participants register with one, the problem of dummy winners could be easily solved.Blockchain also brings an end to the need for transparency. Also, the anonymity provided by the blockchain means users will automatically be protected. 

NFT Gaming And A Decentralized Marketplace

Separate from its fantasy sports objectives, one other significant aim of Defi 11 is to truly revolutionize the gaming industry. Defi 11 is looking to strengthen gaming on the developer side of things. Developers will gain exposure through the established ecosystem along with significantly reduced listing costs.

Prominent venture capitalists and blockchain magnates including Alphabit, Protocol Ventures, A195 Capital, AU21 Capital, Fomocraft, GBV, Phoenix VC, X21 digital, SL2 Capital, NonceVC,, Empire Global Partners, Magnus Capital, GD10 Ventures, Titans Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Minted Labs, AVStar Capital, LVT Capital, Avisa Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, TDeFi, TrustDAO Capital, BBS Finance, ExNetwork Capital, Propeller Fund, Insignius Capital, Reblock Digital, Defied Bank, Zero2Launch, and GTA Ventures have extended their support, thus believing in the vision of the project.

The Defi 11 team has outlined a complete roadmap of its intended activities as we approach the end of the year and September will be especially exciting as it features the Initial Dex Offering on Polystarter & Redkite. The D11 token will also be a source of financing for game developers. Slated for the 20th of September, the IDO will launch on Polystarter, Polygon's first-ever native launchpad followed by a massive centralized exchange listing.

What Defi 11 Has To Offer

Separate from the problems it aims to solve, Defi 11 is also trying to bring about a union of fantasy sports and blockchain technology. Some of the features you can expect to find on the platform are Fantasy sports,, Rewards through its D11 token, NFT gaming, Liquidity pool, Staking and Swapping. This will serve as an unprecedented opportunity for sports fans to finally get involved in cryptocurrency while still being in a familiar environment.

The DeFi 11 smart contracts have been successfully audited by Certik, Quillhash and NonceAudits reinforcing the security aspect in the DeFi space. With prominent partners like Polygon, Biconomy, PolkaFoundry, Zokyo and others, the project is all set to transform the gaming industry. Defi 11's D11 token will also provide benefits for users. Fee settlements, staking, and claiming of rewards are just a few of the available benefits from using the token. As it stands, Defi 11 already has a host of investors and partnerships with big names such as Polygon.

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