Meta universe + DeFi Project GIBXSWAP Unveils An Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) Ahead On The 15th Of September
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Meta universe + DeFi Project GIBXSWAP Unveils An Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) Ahead On The 15th Of September

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 10:10 AM
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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2021 / An Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) means to exchange for airdropped coins via lock-up. In this sense, ILO is a conditional airdrop approach, not a funding mechanism.

For projects and investors, GIBXSWAP ILO creates an AMM liquidity pool. It delivers low barriers, automation, fairness, and justice crowdfunding. For the project party, ILO eliminates burdensome issuance procedures and increases project liquidity.

Any decentralized initiative can instantly develop an ILO. The transaction pool formation from primary to secondary market crowdfunding is automated. The project party is flexible. The project's situation determines the ILO mode and lock-up period.

Users will be given the right to issue the ILO project if GIBXSWAP ILO shows adequate respect and fairness. Users with "X" will vote on whether the project is issued. The users will receive the same crowdfunding channels and liquidity pool LP tokens as the project. The co-construction of the liquidity pool maximizes fund use and benefits both the project party and the user. The AMM liquidity pool is instantly activated if the ILO project token is successfully created. In other words, LP can mine and pool fees. LP also cannot interfere with the fund pool's stability, and liquidity is appropriately used. It can directly trade to enhance prices, and it protects the rights of primary market crowd investors.

The "X" currency is the platform currency of GIBXSWAP. "X" has a total output of one billion pieces. In the initial allocation, 80 percent of the location mining is obtained through trade mining or yield, and the remaining 20 percent is obtained through the snack pool. Ecological construction accounts for 10%. The remaining 9% is for team research and development. ILO accounts for 1% of the total. Furthermore, the transaction fees collected are used to repurchase and burn platform tokens, assisting in realizing the closed-loop of autonomous driving for value acquisition.

CertiK is also professionally reviewing the "X" coin of GIBXSWAP at the same time. They also issued a comprehensive audit report. The review method is a thorough inspection that employs static analysis and manual review techniques.

The value of "X" is equal to the trading volume of the decentralized exchange GIBXSWAP DEX. As a result, the greater the volume of GIBXSWAP transactions, the greater the value of "X"! At the same time, token holders have the option to sell "X" at any time to protect the long-term interests of early participants and GUSDTTM holders.

The new currency X will be the GIBXSWAP platform's core token, and it will be used for voting, repurchase, fundraising, trading, and earning coins. The appearance of "X" is primarily due to a gradual increase in the original GUSDT TM market circulation. To achieve breakthrough growth, the market value urgently requires a larger carrier and new currency.

The maximum supply of "X" is one billion, and the block reward is 20 "X" per block. Professional organizations such as Ernst & Young and Deloitte audit the "X" open source code to ensure safety. Simultaneously, "X" will support the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol of BSC, HECO, and ETH, employing "dual mining incentives through liquidity mining and transaction mining," allowing participants to maximize returns while seamlessly integrating with Binance and Huobi's massive global traffic and head resources.

The GIBXSWAP platform is straightforward to use. Users purchase GUSDTTM in CEX and DEX (pools have been established in many DEXs); then withdraw GUSDTTM and mainstream tokens (USDT, BTC, ETH, FIL, and so on) to the wallet and provide liquidity for GUSDTTM-USDT, GUSDTTM-BTC, and so on, in the GIBXSWAP DEX "funding pool" to obtain the corresponding LP. Furthermore, transaction mining allows you to trade specific currency pairs and mine "X" based on the proportion of transaction volume; on the Liquidity Mining page, you can stake specific LPs and single coins and mine "X" based on the ratio of locked positions.

Among the initial allocations, 80 percent are earmarked for mining, with 40 percent / 60 percent earmarked for transaction mining output and liquidity mining output, respectively. 10% is for ecological construction, and 9% is for collaborative research and development. ILO accounts for 1% of the total. Furthermore, the transaction fees collected are used to repurchase and burn platform tokens, assisting in realizing the closed-loop of autonomous driving for value acquisition.

The GIBXSWAP platform generates revenue from transaction fees of 0.3 percent of transaction volume; 0.3 percent of the transaction fee of 0.3 percent of transaction volume is used to feedback the "X" ecology, of which 0.1 percent is used to promote the development of ecological projects, 0.15 percent is used to reward mining Users, and 0.05 percent is used to repurchase and desist.

When a transaction occurs, the X token operating mechanism allows for a 0.3 percent transaction fee to be charged, with 0.15 percent of the handling fee distributed proportionally to all token holders. Holders of X's assets increase "automatically" with no upper limit.

The remainder of the transaction fee will be placed in the liquidity pool to provide currency liquidity. This means that token holders can sell their tokens at any time and exchange them for other currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. At the same time, the more transactions there are, the deeper the liquidity in the pool becomes, and the currency price rises steadily. Most importantly, X can Stake in the aggregate revenue pool in the future to obtain NFT and other passive income.

GIBXSWAP will launch using a multi-chain DEX model. Combining the advantages of low transaction fees of Huobi Ecological Chain HECO and Binance Smart Chain BSC with the prosperity of Ethereum's ecosystem supports the "dual mining mechanism" of liquid mining & transaction mining.

Staking pools, liquidity mining pools, DEXs, cross-chain asset bridges, and other ecosystem services. GIBXSWAP is devoted to establishing a new community-driven DEX and ecosystem. Combined with low slippage, fast speed, high security, and fair prices, it will swiftly become the industry blockchain leader.

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