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iPharma Inhalation Labs Now Supporting GMP Drug/Device Release Testing for Pulmonary Clinical Phase 1 & 2 Studies

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 06:30 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2021 / iPharma Labs, Inc. ("iPharma"), a privately-held contract development research organization (CDRO) specializing in inhalation pharmaceutical development services, announced today the implementation of GMP services for release testing for inhalation clinical trials (phase 1 - 2). This achievement is important for the continued successful growth of iPharma.

"Thanks to Truc Le, our Chief Compliance Officer, we have advanced our GMP capabilities and are excited that we can now offer release testing for early-stage clinical trials. It's more efficient and effective for our clients to continue working with iPharma through clinical development, so we're gratified that we can offer this continuity to help bring innovative inhalation products to market." - Dr. Keith Ung - iPharma CEO/CTO, Director and co-founder.

"We working to further expand our GMP capabilities. In the future we will offer release testing for late-stage clinical trials as well as manufacturing of clinical materials for custom inhalation formulations." - John Patton, iPharma co-founder and Executive Chairman.

About iPharma

iPharma is an inhalation contract development research organization (CDRO) founded in 2016 by a group of former employees of Inhale/Nektar Therapeutics, where they learned how to formulate a wide variety of therapeutic agents for inhalation delivery with state of the art technologies including hydrophobic and hydrophilic small molecules, peptides, large proteins (i.e. monoclonal antibodies), controlled release particles, RNAi, gene delivery constructs, and live viruses. The company has experience of the performance of a wide range of delivery devices; our goal is to provide clients with the best product options that fit the proposed therapy. The client's molecule, its chemical and physical properties, along with patient needs and time and cost restraints will dictate the product.

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