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AdMedia Debuts Contextual Targeting Advertising

Monday, 13 September 2021 16:59


The performance-based advertising network company wishes to give a detailed overview of its most cutting-edge, effective, and precise advertising solution.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2021 / It is with great pleasure and pride that Danny Bibi, founder, president, and CEO of AdMedia, announces the debut of contextual targeting advertising. Contextual targeting advertising is an efficient, custom-tailored advertising solution enabling companies to send precise, relevant, and targeted messages to their audiences in a manner that taps into the unique shopping patterns and content consumption of individual consumers. Simply put, it is a way to give customers what they want when they need it and in a way that is relevant to them.

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Why It Works

In an ever-changing and compartmentalized media landscape, the idea of reaching a mass audience through advertising is a relic of a bygone era. Gone are the days of appealing to vast numbers of consumers through a general ad campaign. Now, the most effective way to reach consumers is through targeted advertising, delivered at just the right moment, as the most likely buyers of a product or service are searching out candidates for purchase or engaged with media directly connected with such a purchase. Enter contextual targeting advertising, an advertising solution that reaches buyers by observing their behavior and scouting out the most relevant consumer targets.

Contextual targeting advertising emphasizes the quality of traffic over the raw quantity of traffic. Studies show that marketing targeted at people's points of need performs much better than general advertising because, by employing it, companies aren't delivering marketing content that's misaligned with a particular customer's interests or stage in the shopping journey. It targets the right consumers-the ones who are already interested. That way, consumers looking to purchase a specific product or service don't find themselves wasting time scouring the internet and sifting through options. The most relevant information is presented to them in a concise yet eye-catching manner in the exact moments when they are likely to be most receptive to it.

How It Works

AdMedia targets potential customers across multiple platforms. The company's sophisticated system allows advertisers to display their brands through numerous channels, including mobile, search, video, display, and more. For example, if a client company is about to debut a new product and wishes to utilize AdMedia's contextual targeting advertising to reach the most receptive, quality audience of potential consumers possible, the process would go something like this:

Using proprietary algorithms, AdMedia determines the most likely pool of individual buyers based on high-value user shopping interest signals such as search terms, contextual mapping, or behavioral activity. After that is accomplished, contextual targeting advertising places specifically targeted ads, personalized for, and strategically positioned to appeal to those customers just before or at the very time of purchase. This leads to increased conversion rates, revenue, demand generation, and overall return on investment.

Through it all, AdMedia works with its client companies to determine their specific goals and how they can best be achieved. AdMedia also does all the heavy lifting, ensuring an ad campaign that makes it successful-paperwork, procurement, setup, etc.-is done promptly and correctly. AdMedia also boasts very short turnaround and launch times and keeps its valued client companies well-informed with weekly sync calls relating to performance trends and audience insights.

Those wishing to learn more about AdMedia and its new breakthroughs in contextual targeting advertising are encouraged to visit its official website. In contrast, those curious to learn more about Danny Bibi are encouraged to visit his personal website.

About AdMedia:

AdMedia is a performance-based advertising network company that helps clients to scale their business and their voice online. AdMedia owns and operates about 150 websites within their network. The California-based company has also created more than 40 different web traffic products, including, a product that makes text ads that compete with Google Adsense, and, a product that connects advertisers directly with consumers and studies consumer responses. It also constructs mobile advertising products that show ads based on each user's location. AdMedia specializes in creating compelling, wide-reaching advertising campaigns without being dependent on Facebook or Google Ads. The company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the best possible returns on the advertisement to their clients.

About Danny Bibi:

Danny Bibi is the founder, president, and CEO of AdMedia. A long-time entrepreneur, Danny started his first company, an internet domain aggregator called Global Net 2000 Domain Holdings, with a partner in 1993. Here, he managed a team of 12 designers and developed an algorithm for domain registration and monetization. Danny attended UCLA from 1994 - 1996, completing a certificate program in general business studies with a concentration in real estate. He enrolled in California State University-Northridge from 1996 - 2000, where he studied business law and management, information systems, and international business, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree in business administration. While still attending classes at California State, Danny Bibi founded AdMedia in 1998.

Contact Information:
Danny Bibi
Founder and President, AdMedia
6320 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200
Woodland Hills, California 91367

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 296-7104
Twitter: @Ad_Media


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