KubeCoin - The Cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries. Built on Cardano.
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KubeCoin - The Cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries. Built on Cardano.

Monday, September 13, 2021 8:20 AM
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BARCELONA, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2021 / In a time where there is a great demand for futuristic technologies and digital currencies, KubeCoin is born. KubeCoin, the up-and-coming cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the travel and leisure industries, is universally adoptable and built on Cardano's blockchain. But where did this great idea come from? Everything began in 2017 with FlyKube, a surprise trips startup. With FlyKube taking off, (20K+ travellers, 300+ active users) the next step was to create KubeCoin.

With the KubeCoin model being based on maximizing scalability and profitability, management and operational costs can be reduced. This high utility layer provided to the KubeSystem expresses the company's goals and what is to be achieved moving forward. KubeCoin's positive presence in the industry aims to create a more personal link between the platform and the users.

Presale is coming on 09/27/2021

KubeCoin is to become part of the company's innovation hub in the coming years. The start of this journey is of course the presale. With the first launch of KubeCoin's tokens just around the corner, the final details are being organized. But what is certain is that 16% of KubeCoin tokens will be issued for the presale. 30% of the presale funds will go towards updating the technology that will aid the implementation on the platform. 50% will help the marketing team with branding and spreading the KubeCoin name together with the company's other business lines. 15% ensures that the kubecoin.org platform and the other business lines remain fully operational. Finally, 5% of the total presale funds will uphold the security and legality of the platform.

How and Why

But how functional is KubeCoin really? Users can earn tokens through the platform, by buying, staking, farming, or as a special reward. Customer satisfaction and loyalty drive this company and they are vitally important within the creation of this new cryptocurrency. By introducing complementary platforms, like Kube Swap, a constant flow of this token is encouraged. In this current era, where paper money is being disregarded, this interactive swap exchange platform allows users to exchange other digital currencies into KubeCoins. The first application of this use case will be on FlyKube, the surprise trips platform, and then progressively on 6 other business lines so that customers can enjoy their rewards and discounts!

The Future of KubeCoin

KubeCoin has achieved all of its goals in the last 3 years. The successful implementation of FlyKube and its expansion into 7 of the biggest European markets are just a few examples. In the next 3 years, KubeCoin is aiming high and intends to scale up globally, all while creating strong technological developments.

The roadmap outlined in KubeCoin's Whitepaper highlights the company's future plans. After the presale, which is coming soon in September 2021, the next steps include auditing the company's finances, implementing the token, and listing it on all major price-tracking platforms.

Once KubeCoin is released, it is expected to reach 10 times its price within the first 24 hours thanks to the 10% liquidity locked. Apart from the financial strategy, on a broader scale, the value of KubeCoin is linked to the success of the Kube EcoSystem, the development of the 7 surprise startups, and the initiatives planned for the coming years.

With KubeCoin in circulation as a currency, KubeCoin.org and the other business lines will be ready to be developed and advanced in order to support the global expansion of the company.

More information about KubeCoin

KubeCoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industries. It was founded in Barcelona in 2021. Paolo Della Pepa, the CEO, had this vision to create a token that would become the main coin in the leisure industry. With such a detailed roadmap, KubeCoin has a remarkable focus on its future plans.


Paolo Della Pepa
[email protected]
+34 605474775

SOURCE: KubeCoin

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