Approving Corgis 2nd Round of Public Sale Minting Opens
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Approving Corgis 2nd Round of Public Sale Minting Opens

Friday, September 24, 2021 9:30 AM
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2021 / The Approving Corgis NFT round 2 sale will be released in only a few days! With the sell-out of round 1 in less than 24hrs, it's safe to say that the next release of 3333 Corgis will meet the same demand. Each Approving Corgi NFT is jam-packed with a list of perks that can be utilised in the digital world, making it a lot more than just a jpeg. The round 2 public sale will open for minting at 4PM (UTC) on September 26 at a price of 0.05 ETH.

Its been quite an eventful year for Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they are commonly referred to. Big firms such as Visa have begun venturing into the space with their recent purchase of a CryptoPunk at a staggering $150,000 USD. Beeple has also made an appearance with their "Everydays" collection - "The First 5000 Days NFT" selling for an unbelievable $69 Million at a Christie's online auction.

Approving Corgis is a fresh, colorful and unique NFT collection that seems to be getting the attention of NFT enthusiasts. By leveraging the power of smart contracts a Corgi is generated by using over 350 attributes. With numerous projects being launched each day the means of utility when holding an NFT is crucial to success. Approving Corgis is determined to push the barriers of this new technology, setting a new precedence within the industry.

Approving Corgis NFT owners can currently leverage their NFT and take advantage of the following member benefits:

Benefits and bounties of Corgis participation

  • DAO Voting Rights - Community-driven mechanism - community members can vote on future project proposals.
  • Swap Traits Portal - This gives Approving Corgis NFT holders the option to swap current traits on their Corgi, with another Corgi in a pool - opening the possibilities of Corgi to become rarer or gain a new piece of clothing.
  • Interactive Coloring Book App - For the kids. The Approving Corgis Interactive Coloring Book will be an online interactive experience, the perfect way to introduce virtual pets to children.
  • Monthly Giveaways / VIP Giveaways - Eligibility to enter VIP and monthly giveaways. Giveaways will be raffled on a regular basis consisting of other NFT projects.
  • Personalized Merchandise - The Approving Corgis NFT Merchandise portal allows holders to print and customize their NFT onto a piece of merchandise in the official merchandise store.
  • Staking Rewards - Corgi NFTs can be staked to earn $THORGI. Moving forward, $THORGI will be the Approving Corgis governance token which can be earned through staking Approving Corgis NFTs. $THORGI will be used to power the complete Approving Corgis ecosystem including the Matchmaking App, Breeding Station, Approving Corgis DAO, future implementations and purchases made via the Approving Corgis merchandise store.
  • Breeding Station - Corgi Pups. If users have 2 Approving Corgis NFTs, it is a possibility to enter Breeding Station Portal to combine favorite traits from both Corgis and claim a free Corgi Pup NFT.
  • Matchmaking App - Swipe left, swipe right, and match with another Approving Corgis NFT. Upon matching with another Approving Corgis NFT holder you are able to enter the Breeding Station and combine your NFTs into a new Corgi Pup. The Matchmaking application will continue to see future developments, adding new possibilities and avatar projects.
  • $THORGI Token Airdrop - Upon launch of the $THORGI ERC20 token, all Approving Corgis NFT holders will be airdropped free $THORGI tokens.

Approving Corgis Launch and Time

Date & Time: September 26, 2021 at 4 PM UTC



The Approving Corgis developers have shown that the vision for their brand is utility now and forever. The project aims to push the boundaries of NFT technology and provide their holders with unparalleled amounts of incentives. With a team focused heavily on community and NFT use cases along with building strong partnerships, be sure to keep Approving Corgis on the radar.

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Contact: Nate Fox, Partnership & Collaborations Lead
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Contact Person Telephone: +61 401 177 207

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