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Dr. Theresa Dale Examines the Myths and Amazing Potential of Homeopathic Treatment

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 09:46

Misconceptions about homeopathy lead to the lack of addressing health issues effectively. says Dr. Dale.

VENTURA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2021 / Patients should have full access to any remedies that could help them lead healthier lives. According to a statement from Dr. Theresa Dale, proponents of conventional medicine often attack homeopathy in unfair ways in an attempt to discredit the work.

Dr. Theresa Dale is a natural medicine practitioner, researcher, and author. She has published two books and is well known for her work in hormone rejuvenation as an alternative to hormone replacement therapies. She warns patients are missing out on crucial health benefits when homeopathic therapies are ignored in favor of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

She says there are many myths surrounding natural medicine that fail to give it a fair chance. If natural treatments work, big pharma stands to lose a lot of patients who don't need expensive medications, equipment, or procedures, she explains.

Homeopathic practitioners receive inadequate training. Dr. Theresa Dale has earned her Ph.D., ND, HMD, and CCN, yet she says she still faces disbelief and scrutiny in some circles. Her advanced medical training allows insight into where conventional medicine succeeds and fails. Her studies in Naturopathy include doctorate degrees in BioPhysics and Diplomat Physics. Her focus is on clinical and traditional naturopathy, bio-resonance medicine, biological medicine, clinical nutrition, and advanced homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy attempts to cure: Dr. Theresa Dale says one huge myth surrounding homeopathic remedies is that they are treatments claiming to cure something. "It's important to understand: homeopathic treatments aren't curing anything," she explains. Instead, "Homeopathy is designed to stimulate the body to heal on its own. Rather than hijack the body with possibly invasive surgery or medication that causes more problems down the road, natural medicine is going to provide a stimulus to provoke the right response from the body itself."

Science doesn't back homeopathy: Another common myth is that science doesn't back homeopathic medicine. "The studies for homeopathy exist," she states. There are many Medical Books published today: "A Materia Medica will show all of the proof anyone will need and you can locate your own symptoms and the remedy needed. With that said, it is much harder to get the funding and backing because who is going to gain from natural solutions? Not pharmaceutical conglomerates, for sure. Yet, scientific studies are still showing homeopathic research and therapy to be true now as well as for thousands of years as a race."

Case failure debunks all homeopathy: She says the frustrating thing is how all homeopathy is tied together in a pass or fail system. "When conventional medications fail to show an effective outcome, no one tries to throw out all medications and conventional practice," she says. "Instead of taking each remedy at face value and testing its impact, some will try to look at all homeopathic studies to determine if it offers a valid medical stance. In reality, some homeopathic remedies don't work or only work for certain people. This is also true in conventional medicine because we are all very different and need tailored healthcare."


Dr. Theresa Dale
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SOURCE: Dr. Theresa Dale

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