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Thursday, 26 August 2021 04:10 AM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2021 / The DJs of DeFi (DoD), the 3D avatar team, recently launched the first generation of DoD branded NFTs exclusively on Refinable. The newly released "OG" NFT, DJ Fox, was acquired by with a winning bid of 61.7 BNB worth US$30,045 at auction close. owns one of the 7 highly limited DOGE NFTs, "Shocked Doge" with one of the series valued at over $110 million.

The DJs of DeFi are a group of dedicated DeFi mash-up masters pseudonymously represented online by their AR filter personas. The group recently announced the launch of the "most exclusive, world number 1 triple threat NFT" - DJs of DeFi (DoD) NFTs. The NFTs are a 3 in 1 value play: a 3D collectible, an AR filter and an NFT with utility perks. The utility provided by owning a DoD Avatar puts owners amongst an elite community of NFT holders.

"The DJs of DeFi NFTs are a first of its kind. The art, the built-in utilities around AR, the unique features, are all next level! The DoD NFT designed by former Snapchat designers adds a unique presence amongst our collection. In that collection, we have NFTs from some of the top projects - CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguins, Cool Cats but we believe the DJs of DeFi are setting a new precedent not only raising the bar of real utility but future proofing new trends, such as the the rapid growth of the metaverse. This is just the beginning of more to come from the team," said DJ Fox of CoinUnited.

"We are creating an economy where we provide pseudonymous NFT avatars with unique functionalities, built-in utilities and rewards to holders. DJ Fox is only the first of the unique DoD NFT Avatars to be released. We've got more underway. We believe CoinUnited certainly shares the same excitement with us on the DoD Avatars. This is why they seized the opportunity to be part of what will certainly be a new trend. We're thrilled they saw the innovation and look forward to having more investors join in the action," said MC Liquid of DJs of DeFI.

The DJs of DeFi plan to release a total of 5 OG NFTs over a span of weeks and 2,000 Disciple NFTs based on each of the OG models. Holders of the OG NFTs will receive 10% of all 2,000 Disciples' minting fees.


CoinUnited was established in 2021 January, co-founded by Hong Kong's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. Based on the motto: "Live beyond limits", it is the company's belief that cryptocurrency can break through the limitations of the traditional financial system, thus creating endless opportunities and leading everyone to a bright future beyond limits.

Apart from being the #1 NFT collector in Asia, is Asia's largest Bitcoin ATM network. The team aims to popularize the development and application of crypto in Asia. has portrayed its love for NFTs by purchasing over 1,000 NFT artworks till date. This is what has made them Asia's largest NFT collector. The team has iterated that it will continue to purchase various NFT works. Some of their top collections include Cryptopunk, Meebit, RTFKT Punk and now DJ Fox. NFT Collections also include:

'Dedicate yourself to the craft... there's no limit of how far I can go.'

Floyd Mayweather's inspiring life story minted in NFT.

Purchased with 39 ETH (~100,000 USD at auction close).

"Lullaby" and it features actress and artist Lindsay Lohan singing over a beat produced by Manuel Riva. The aforementioned song is the first NFT by a woman to be sold on FansForever, which is a marketplace for exclusive celebrity NFTs. 1,000,000 Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency is used to purchase an NFT like Lohan's, which features a butterfly flapping its wings in unison with the former Disney actress' eyelids to the beat of 'Lullaby.'

About DJs of DeFi

DJs of DeFi began as a set of pseudonymous avatars for the creators and builders of CDzExchange. Being aware of how fun the carefully crafted, individually unique avatars are when used in the context of DeFi and the Web3 community revolution, the DJs of DeFi are building pseudonymous identities that have the freedom to share ideas in novel, fun and exciting ways.

The aim is to build a DoD community where they provide people with their very own pseudonymous NFT Avatars which function as their key to the exclusive DJs of DeFi club and much more.

Contact: MC Liquid
Email: [email protected]


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