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Law Student Jakob Wissel Shares Tips for Managing Time and Maximizing Law School Success

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 07:45

OCALA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 24, 2021 / Jakob Wissel, current law school student and future legal professional, recently shared some helpful tips on how to manage and maximize one's time throughout the rigors of a busy law school schedule.

With these tips, Wissel looks to provide candid insight into what he feels is essential for other law students. Jakob Wissel hopes this will help fellow students not only achieve success, but also maximize their time and energy in a way that provides a healthier, more rewarding balance throughout their law school tenure.

Wissel knows well the stresses of going to law school, as well as the social expectations that come along with it.

Wissel outlined a few points he believes will help law students as they take steps to achieve their goals.

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1. Create a Time Management Calendar

Jakob Wissel knows a law student's time is both precious and demanding, and being able to handle all the expectations can be overwhelming for most. That's why Wissel suggests creating a daily, weekly, or even monthly guide of your priorities and setting up reminders. This, he believes, will help ensure the student stays on top of school obligations, particularly when it comes to classwork and studying.

According to Wissel, good time management can also help balance other priorities outside of school, including social life, work, and physical health. As he knows, a calendar helps the busy student examine what is going on in their life on any particular day or week, allowing them to take a step back and balance when needed.

2. Remove Distractions

As Wissel knows, a law school student's time is invaluable, making it crucial to maximize that time by recognizing distractions and removing them. Removing such distractions, says Wissel, is critical to sharpening one's focus and making the most of one's time as a law student.

A great way to remove any element that may pull you away from academic responsibilities, says Wissel, is to simply set up space in a fashion that encourages relaxation and supports one's ability to focus. Shutting off the phone or ignoring it, says Wissel, can also help the aspiring legal professional stay on track and dedicate their full attention to the work at hand.

As Jakob Wissel knows, studies show that people who multitask take longer to complete specific tasks. This is why Wissel wants every future law grad to understand the importance of removing distractions and focusing on one thing at a time, every time.

3. Learn When to Say No, and When to Delegate

One of the biggest challenges many students face in law school, says Wissel, is balancing all the unique and challenging demands coming one's way at any given time. Students that know that deadlines and high-priority projects are in their future, he says, will soon realize that passing up or simply saying 'No' to invitations is necessary.

Additionally, becoming an expert in the delegation of one's workload, says Wissel, will prove crucial when it comes to meeting deadlines and doing tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Law School Can Be Rewarding, Says Jakob Wissel, When Your Time is Managed Properly

For Jakob Wissel, the experience of law school, and as law student, has been both demanding and fulfilling, providing numerous insights into time management and students' workload expectations. Wissel knows that prioritizing and balancing what is essential is imperative for student success - as well as when it comes to planning for a career in the legal profession.

According to Wissel, identifying when it is time to study, when it's time to decompress, and when you should socialize will provide the right balance, that which is needed to overcome the challenges faced throughout law school and the course of one's future career.

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