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DKYC Releases Revolutionary Roadmap Linking Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Real-World Spending

Friday, August 20, 2021 3:30 PM

Token poised to start a credit revolution launches credit cards with bonus of deposit dividends.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / DKYC (Don't Know Your Customer) today announced its launch as the first and only completely anonymous cryptocurrency credit card and gift card built for decentralized finance (DeFi). DKYC is a novel (new and unique) and seamless integration connecting decentralized finance and real-world anonymous spending.

Users of the DKYC credit card and gift card have the advantage of investing on the (BSC) while receiving the benefit of dividends, an extra-added bonus value-add, comparable to credit card rewards miles or points. Because the card is based in the cryptocurrency universe, card owners will never need identification when they use it.

"Spend your crypto reflections as credit," said a spokesperson for DKYC. "DKYC is coming. All card use is anonymous. For the first time on a DeFi platform, you can automatically cash in your reflections (bonuses) as USD on your DKYC credit card. Reflections can be spent in the real world using any currency. There is no hassle of arranging cross-chain conversions and absolutely no registration. DKYC requires no personal details, unlike regular credit cards that need your details in order to approve your credit. DKYC is completely different."

The spokesperson continued, "Users will automatically be rewarded with their credit card from their DKYC token contract. The reward is easy and integrated into the process. Reflection bonuses can be used for dinners, movies, vacations, and more; it is up to you. Soon, everyone will be able to unlock everyday free and anonymous spending using cryptocurrency reflections. There will be zero interference, questions or pressure from banks or finance corporations. The KYC process is now closing in on decentralized finance (DeFi). DKYC will financially empower everyone and life will be as it should be."

DKYC encourages believers in cryptocurrency, DeFi and BSC to be one of the first to participate in a single focus on real-world cryptocurrency spending with an emphasis on privacy, as opposed to the required and regulated decades-long credit industry practice that demands personal financial information.

Financial service providers and, at present, most cryptocurrency exchanges obtain comprehensive information about customers to prevent money laundering and suspicious financial conduct.

DKYC was founded by an experienced, disruptive team of financial freedom fighters. Their goal is to restore the innocence and enjoyment of spending investment dividends anywhere in the world. It believes in freedom and diversity with financial liberation for all, transcending race, creed, social status, and region.

DKYC assures its users that spending will not have anything to do with suspicious activity or money laundering. It encourages cryptocurrency champions, everybody, to live their lives and have the freedom to perform micro-transactions using cryptocurrency, without the unfair and harsh judgment of government bodies and regulators.

DKYC's platform of choice for its launch is the BSC because of its inclusivity, accessibility, and based on growth.

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Company: DKYC
Contact Name: Jose Sanchez
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