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Data is King: Dee Agarwal on the Test and Learn Strategy for Success

Friday, 20 August 2021 01:25 PM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / What's the formula for low conversion costs, strong ad spend returns, and a favorable yield curve? According to eCommerce expert Deepak 'Dee' Agarwal, founder and c-suite executive of several major online businesses, the key to success in eCommerce is a thorough test and learn strategy.

In his two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, Deepak Agarwal has learned first-hand what it takes to build a firm from the ground up. In his experience, Dee Agarwal knows that testing is one of the most valuable tactics for any digital business to pursue- a process that has repeatedly proven to be a successful strategy for optimizing the digital aspects of a business.

One of the simplest ways a business can begin to integrate testing into their digital strategy is by A/B testing, otherwise known as "split testing." What does this mean? A/B testing is a user experience research tactic that allows firms to test two variants against each other. For every element of a visual design, split testing can help you pinpoint the best version of almost any website or advertisement. Tests are often run to optimize key metrics such as engagements, conversions, or lead generation.

"Every piece of your branded assets should be tested in terms of UX and UI, or user experience and user interface design," adds Dee Agarwal. 'I have frequently been surprised by the outcomes of tests that we have conducted that maybe didn't align with my personal preference. That being said, had I defaulted to what I personally preferred, my mistake could have cost the company money."

For a company interested in testing but unsure where to begin, Deepak Agarwal recommends that firms start by choosing a single element they want to test, such as ad copy, call-to-action, or button placement, and run two versions of the same variable against each other to obtain consumer insights.

"To get the most pristine and insightful data, it's best to isolate and test one variable at a time," noted Deepak Agarwal. "Examine how your audience responds to each version to determine which was favored by your target consumer and produced stronger results. Finally, apply what you've learned to future communications and designs."

While there is value in developing and refining your intuition as an entrepreneur, a common error among novice entrepreneurs is to rely solely on their "gut feeling" rather than collecting important insights from data. Dee Agarwal, on the other hand, advises caution "Trust data first. Good intuition is usually built upon data-based learnings collected over the course of your career."

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SOURCE: Dee Agarwal

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