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Focusing On Compassion and Financial Literacy Through Divorce With MoneyWise Divorce Founder Dr. Brenda Dozier, CDFA, Ph.D

Friday, 20 August 2021 01:05 PM

SANDY SPRINGS, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / Divorce is never easy, and never simple, even in the most amicable situations. Every couple, their relationship, and why it broke down is unique, and both people involved are separate individuals with their own thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Not only is a relationship, and family changing, morphing into something new, everything the couple built together comes crumbling down, and becomes a matter of hashing out who gets what, and why. All too often, major financial decisions are made in the process of divorce that are driven by raw, fresh emotion, which can lead to both a tougher divorce process and poor financial planning and decisions, leaving people in a financial nightmare later down the line. Brenda Dozier, Ph.D, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), trained therapist, divorce coach, and author has made it her life's work to guide and aid individuals through the unpredictable emotional and financial roller coaster of divorce.

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The emotional devastation of divorce is what most people think of first, the realization that it has the potential to wreak havoc on their financial situation, destroy credit, impact taxes, affect health, auto, and life insurance, decrease assets, alter income, and essentially send them into financial ruin comes shortly after. Financial pressures and burdens after divorce can impact relationships parents have with children, and the life they had before divorce may no longer be possible. Dr. Dozier has been through the pain and upheaval of divorce herself and understands how impactful, raw, and deep emotions are in the process. Through her firm MoneyWise Divorce, she has created an incredibly valuable resource for people who are working through a divorce, providing them support, and a safe place to express emotions and frustrations, as well as guidance so they will not be in financial ruin post-divorce.

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"I am passionate about providing a warm, caring, and safe place for individuals going through a divorce so they can have a sense of control, freely express emotions, and be fully supported through the entire process. As a former therapist specializing in divorce, I understand that each person is unique in the way he/she copes, and I know that one must be able to grieve before making legal and financial decisions. This is why I work with my clients to help them create a vision for their new life - a post-divorce life where they are able to move forward with financial security."

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Dr. Dozier does not view divorce as simply a legal process, she knows it is so much more than that, it affects every aspect of one's life, and impacts their entire family, social circle, and vision for the future. She takes a "Whole-Life" perspective to divorce, focusing on four distinct areas:

  • Navigating the emotional transition
  • Effective co-parenting guidance
  • Careful consideration of property division
  • A fair evaluation of financial assets

Dr. Dozier brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her practice, she worked as a therapist for many years, guiding clients through the emotional, and very personal aspects of divorce, and has authored two books about divorce and preserving the parent-child relationship after divorce and co-parenting after divorce, both are available on Amazon. Now in her role as a CDFA, she uses all her expertise as a therapist, coupled with her financial training and expertise to give clients a clear path forward, increasing their financial literacy, knowing their financial situation will be livable after divorce. She delves into a deep dive of her client's marital assets and financial data, to get a complete financial picture. Once the pre-divorce financial situation has been assessed, Dr. Dozier will develop a budget, set retirement objectives, and identify the kind of post-divorce lifestyle that will be feasible for the client.

Dr. Dozier has extensive knowledge of regional child custody laws and similar precedent cases as is expected of a CDFA and uses this knowledge when drafting any kind of financial plan for clients, in some cases, a CDFA can serve as an expert witness in court or litigation proceedings. Dr. Dozier works in partnership with divorce attorneys to make sure all financial assets are included in the process, and that all financial laws and regulations are followed. She is committed to helping clients every step of the way from pre-divorce to lifestyle maintenance after a divorce using financial planning and literacy as a path to reach a more equitable divorce settlement.

Dr. Dozier is based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and is dedicated to making divorce a less traumatic experience through providing compassion and financial expertise to her clients in the most sensitive of times. Connect with her on the MoneyWise Divorce website, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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