Iglesia Ni Cristo Sponsors Blood Donation Drives, Inspires Members to Make a Difference
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Iglesia Ni Cristo Sponsors Blood Donation Drives, Inspires Members to Make a Difference

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 1:30 PM
Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo Is Working to Provide Blood Where It's Needed Most

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2021 / In many parts of the world (including the United States), blood supplies are at a critical low. Soon, doctors may be forced to change ideal patient care plans due to low blood supplies in certain areas. Thankfully, there is a way to solve the problem - by rallying people to give blood. Iglesia Ni Cristo is working to help support blood donation efforts in Canada through its charitable foundation, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

A Critical Issue
In some areas of the world, doctors are currently having to pick and choose which patients are 'sick enough' to receive donated blood, as there isn't enough blood to go around to all who need it.

Both patients dealing with acute illness and those dealing with chronic illness often need blood transfusions to get well. Diseases like sickle cell anemia may require a patient to undergo regular blood transfusions to stay healthy. Crisis situations, such as car accidents or natural disasters, may require patients to receive donated blood in order to make up for blood loss due to injury.

How Giving Blood Works
While professional organizations like the Red Cross run blood drives, most of the professionals who coordinate drives - from setup to blood drawing to blood storage - are volunteers.

While many health care professionals are happy to volunteer to help out at blood drives, there are costs far beyond what it costs to staff an event. Renting a space, advertising, equipment, and refreshment costs can all add up quickly.

More than ever, it's critical for the word to get out when blood drives come around - and for nearby residents to understand just how dire the situation is for those who need blood. Excellent advertising and marketing campaigns, and the budget to support those campaigns, can go a long way in helping to raise awareness of low blood bank supplies and can help people decide to walk through the door and do their part by donating.

How Iglesia Ni Cristo Is Working To Help
Blood drives don't just happen - financial support from charitable organizations is key in bringing blood drives to fruition. Iglesia Ni Cristo is one of the largest supporters of Canadian Blood Services, and it's thanks to the Church that many people across Canada are getting the treatment they need.

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