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Oak Road Estate Proves Why It Has the Best Wine Call Centre in Australia

Thursday, 05 August 2021 06:00 PM

CAMBERWELL, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2021 / Oak Road Estate - The Wine Group reports what makes its call centre service best in Australia after reporting 118% business growth driven by its outbound calls during 2020. The spectacular feat comes as another testament to the brand's commitment, consistency, great service, and unbeatable prices. The brand has snuck under the radar but has become one of Australia's top three independent wine retailers. The company has been the one-stop for a plethora of wine blends and collections that customers can find online and via their fast-paced growing call centre.

Oak Road Estate , Thursday, August 5, 2021, Press release picture

Oak Road Estate's success comes from unprecedented growth in the last seven years. It has recorded a minimum of 100% growth year on year and in 2020 achieved 118% business growth, topping well over 30 million in retail sales. It sold in excess of 2.5 million bottles of wine with close to 90% of those coming from outbound cold calling and telesales.

What makes Oak Road Estate so different from traditional online businesses is that it runs at an impressive profit whilst maintaining 100% growth year on year. Historically, the online wine retail space is crowded with competitors who are spending huge amounts of money on digital advertising and SEO campaigns. They hope of building a database big enough to get long-term profits whilst growing. But they run at losses for long periods of time.

Oak Road Estate has bucked the trend and focused on the lost art of cold calling. This has given it a very nimble advantage over its competitors. It's been able to acquire customers at a profit. With its re-order rate at an impressive 63% and average basket size at 2 cases plus per order, it is safe to say they have cracked the winning formula.

Ezra McInnes Founder and Director, who oversees the call, centre has stated, "We have tried SEO, AdWords and Facebook along with a variety of other paid advertising All acquired us new customers. But the quickest and most profitable way we found is to pick up the phone and talk to people."

Mr. McInnes puts this down to the systems, training and ongoing support Oak Road Estate gives its staff. "We have built such an impressive training system that we can induct people with zero wine experience and have them selling within half a day, and with the ongoing support and training including wine knowledge sessions, we have sales representatives that have been with us a week selling half a pallet to a full pallet of wine a day. When you compare that to some small wineries who struggle to do this in a day it becomes a model that is truly impressive," adds the Founder.

Oak Road Estate now boasts over 400,000 proud customers and close to 100,000 active buyers. The call centre also affords to humanize the brand, allowing customers to freely engage with an agent on the other side. This helps the brand in knowing the customer better and therefore, catering to their needs. Customers are happier to see a brand not just selling products but adding value to their lives by delivering what they need every time.

Oak Road Estate maintains this benchmark of customer satisfaction, evident of numbers that speak volumes. Each bottle of wine is carefully produced to reflect the brand's supremacy in producing and partnering with Wineries and Winemakers to showcase the best Wine Blends in Australia. It is always backed up with the 100% money-back guarantee and the added bonus of Free Shipping to most states in Australia.

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SOURCE: Oak Road Estate

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