Cybrrrdoge Proves to Be the Hottest Crypto in a Cold BTC Summer
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Cybrrrdoge Proves to Be the Hottest Crypto in a Cold BTC Summer

Friday, July 30, 2021 9:50 AM
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Company Update

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2021 / Cybrrrdoge takes advantage of a trendy name to give it a marketable edge on the blockchain. The developers are business tacticians per their experience in crypto and are well connected to game designers. Their international team communicates and grows with community leaders from each continent at the helm. Cybrrrdoge is as much a community driven project as it is a currency with business derived practices.

Experienced developers, veteran investors, and a slew of international artists plan to exceed memes and classify their "doge" as a legitimate currency. The year 2021 reignites the spotlight on the volatility of crypto; luckily, those who chose to weather the storm amass unthinkable wealth on safe plays. Cybrrrdoge is the next play. An audit, daily AMAs, use-cases (completed meme-based game, development of staking pool, and Cyber swap), before release bring security and confidence to a growing fanbase of investors.

As per the tokenomics, for every transaction, 4 percent goes to liquidity, another 4 goes to the holders, and 2 percent enters the staking pool. Cybrrrdoge rewards investors in reflections and, at certain milestones, are favored with further gratitude: for example, at 277 million market cap, one investor becomes the prize-winner of a highly coveted cyber truck.

Cybrrrdoge is transparent, their liquidity is locked, their developers are attentive to each investor, and could be the very pinnacle of crypto, the final piece that completes the breed. Those new to crypto are provided with guidance in daily AMAs-what is the blockchain, how to scent out scams, and why cryptocurrency is more than a fleeting phenomenon.

Their whitelist has attracted four thousand interested investors at the time of writing this article. In order to be listed, community members must "shill" or expose the various crypto spheres of Cybrrrdoge. Nothing is disorganized, and no one with a desire to invest in crypto is disregarded. Their marketing team has reach in all sectors, they plan to list on different crypto providers and on Asian exchanges (dxs). "Nothing is lost, but we'll send hounds to sniff out further innovations," Deckard (one of their developers) said.

Finally, this is not simply an advert for crypto, this is an article of the future, hence the theme of Cyber-Doge. The developers are not concerned with temporary meme coins; they'd rather unearth the future of currency through the attention-grabbing nature of a meme name.

For further information, visit their website and join their Telegram, where the developer, Deckard, is always available to clarify any concern and solidify confidence for any investor. We challenge the reader to challenge our developers. They'll meet with you at Cybrrr Doge 2077.


Company: CybrrrDoge
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +1 (254) 535-0845

SOURCE: CybrrrDoge

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