Benefits, Risks, and Opportunities of Hydrogen Energy from Clean Energy Leader Jorge Arevalo
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Benefits, Risks, and Opportunities of Hydrogen Energy from Clean Energy Leader Jorge Arevalo

Friday, July 30, 2021 8:55 AM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSSIWRE / July 30, 2021 / It is clear that when it comes to decarbonizing the atmosphere in the fight against climate change, renewable energy is the way forward. As public awareness and renewable energy technology continue to increase, so will the systems that support them. While wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower are the most discussed renewable energy options, recent advances in hydrogen energy have been gaining momentum.

"The recent enthusiasm about hydrogen fuel is well deserved," said, Jorge Arevalo, CEO and founder ofeCombustible Products Holdings, a ground-breaking company producing custom-calibrated hydrogen fuel. "Hydrogen fuel technology was first discovered in the 1800s, but only in the past few decades have scientists been able to refine the technology into a clean-burning, efficient system. Building on this progress, eCombustible has already proven hydrogen-based fuel to be a transformative technology that could supply the energy needs of both developed and emerging economies."

Specifically, eCombustible is positioned to be the future of custom-calibrated hydrogen energy, given its numerous benefits. It is a 100% carbon-free technology, meaning there are no negative impacts on the environment from an emissions standpoint. Additionally, eCombustible is the only fuel that can completely replace fossil fuels in heating applications, while delivering 3-10 times the calorific power of conventional hydrogen at the same or lower cost than fossil fuels. With little to no upfront costs and the ability to produce more energy than input, eCombustible is setting the standard on what can be accomplished at the intersection of hydrogen fuel and innovation.

As different forms of hydrogen energy continue to gain traction, there will be increasing demand to scale operations and produce larger quantities. The following highlights hydrogen energy's benefits, risks, and opportunities in supporting the forward movement of the green energy industry.

1. Benefits

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and when used in combustion, has the potential to emit zero greenhouse gasses. Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen can be produced either centrally and then distributed, or onsite where it will be used. This eliminates the cost of shipping, making it a viable alternative for remote locations where fossil fuels and other renewable energy sources cannot be transported or easily harnessed.

eCombustible is already making the benefits of hydrogen tangible and affordable for businesses of all kinds, with only a fraction of the storage capacity required for traditional hydrogen fuels. For example, by using eCombustible fuel, one large mining conglomerate has the potential to save $320 million over 10 years.

"Transitioning from fossil fuels to a hydrogen-based fuel such as eCombustible has the potential to dramatically improve energy independence on a global scale," notes Jorge Arevalo. "Unlike traditional renewables, with eCombustible, there's no equipment to purchase, little to no modification to make, nor transportation costs to accommodate. The fuel generation modules scale to fit into existing on-site systems, generating fuel as soon as power is brought online."

2. Risks

Since the Hindenburg explosion in 1937, hydrogen energy has been viewed with skepticism and even cynicism. While it is true, hydrogen is a volatile substance, it is much safer than some might expect. In fact, being that hydrogen is non-toxic and less combustible, it is safer than conventional fossil fuels and natural gas. As hydrogen is fourteen times lighter than air, it expels into the atmosphere much faster, creating a lower chance of being ignited in the event of an accident. In comparison, gasoline is heavier than air, creating vapor pools at ground level. This makes the risk of ignition exponentially more dangerous in the event a fuel tank is punctured.

As a custom-calibrated fuel, eCombustible further reduces the risk associated with hydrogen as the fuel requires significantly less pressure to create and operate, making it exponentially safer than traditional hydrogen.

"On average, hydrogen is operated at a high-pressure state that can be dangerous (above 500psi) in certain situations," explained Jorge Arevalo. "eCombustible improves on the safety of hydrogen as it operates at a very low pressure of 5 psi and is compressed at just 100 psi."

3. Opportunities

Perhaps the greatest advantage to hydrogen fuel over other renewable energy technologies is its ability to provide power directly when it's needed. This allows hydrogen energy to complement fluctuating renewable energy sources by mitigating intermittency issues caused by lack of wind, direct sunlight, or a lack of water flow. By creating hybrid systems that complement other renewable energy sources, hydrogen energy can act as a backup or replacement fuel to enhance grid stability when power is needed. This will allow the renewable energy economy to further penetrate the energy market without any grid disruption during installation.

"With advancements in hydrogen energy technology, the costs of production, distribution, and manufacturing will become more affordable and present new clean energy opportunities for remote locations," says Jorge Arevalo. "By continuing to bring awareness to the potential hydrogen-based energy has in producing a cleaner, greener, safer future, governments and businesses alike can be further empowered to decarbonize by phasing away from traditional fossil fuels. eCombustible is at the forefront of bringing this much-needed change to the industry sector, with it being the only hydrogen-based fuel that can fully replace fossil fuels."

Contact: Andrew Mitchell, [email protected]

SOURCE: eCombustible

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