State Of Washington Awards PhaZZer(R) With Multi-Year Contract to Purchase the PhaZZer Enforcer(TM) & PhaZZer Force(TM) Stun Guns
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State Of Washington Awards PhaZZer(R) With Multi-Year Contract to Purchase the PhaZZer Enforcer(TM) & PhaZZer Force(TM) Stun Guns

Monday, July 26, 2021 3:45 PM
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In A Dramatic Win for PhaZZer®, The Company Beats Out Competitor Axon Enterprises Inc. (AAXN), formerly TASER International, Inc. in The Single Shot and Disarming CEW Categories

SHERIDAN, WY / ACCESSWIRE / July 26, 2021 / Stun gun manufacturer PhaZZer LLC. ( has been awarded a multi-year contract from the State of Washington for the purchase of the company's best-selling flagship LEA product, the PhaZZer Enforcer™ single shot stun gun and the PhaZZer Force™ disarming unit designed CCRE / for Corrections.

PhaZZer® won the bid in two of the three taser related categories for their Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW) over competitor Axon® and its Taser™ weapons; defeating Axon's Taser brand CEW's in both the Single Shot and Disarming categories, two key areas that are vital to safe and effective defense for the men and women of Law Enforcement.

"We actually had to fight to get into the bidding, convincing Washington State agency officials that they should be empowered to look at alternative options to the TASER® brand rather than be beholden to a monopoly as a sole source," said Steven Abboud, Chief Executive Manager of PhaZZer, LLC. "As a result, we were able to demonstrate the unmatched safety technology of our flagship products, the PhaZZer Enforcer™ and the PhaZZer Force™ as well as the weapon's measurably lower price point."

Guidelines by the Police Executive Research Forum state that exposure longer than 15 seconds to a CEW increases the risk of serious injury or death. By successfully complying with these standards, the PhaZZer Enforcer™ allows officers to safely deliver three, five-second electrical deployments after which the safety shutdown circuit technology automatically kicks in to prevent overexposure.

A recent Reuters article collated cause-of-death data for 779 of the 1,081 deaths showing that the Taser was deemed a cause or contributing factor in 21 percent of these fatalities. With an estimated 1,100 lives taken - and municipalities having to pay over $186 million in wrongful death settlements - law enforcement has begun to proactively seek options for CEW devices to better serve their community by making decisions which will save lives, reduce agency liability, save taxpayer dollars, and better allocate their limited resources.

Leading the charge in defensive weapons, the PhaZZer Enforcer™ is a safety-first CEW that provides law enforcement with a field-proven, zero fatalities Taser alternative. At the heart of the PhaZZer® Enforcer™ is its patented Safety Shut Down Circuit Technology™ designed to prevent over-exposure and to bring a mental awareness to the operator of the weapon that they have reached the maximum exposure in a 24-hour period, as recommended by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM). The patented Safety Shut Down Circuit Technology™ behind the PhaZZer Enforcer™ helps prevent needless injury/and or death due to over exposure by automatically deactivating the system after three consecutive five-second discharges have been engaged. (This feature can be overridden if additional force is justified and necessary.)

In addition to the officer on the beat, PhaZZer® is also experiencing an impressive increase in demand among Departments of Corrections for its PhaZZer® Force, designed especially to meet the requirements unique to the prison guard in detention facilities with its 4 ½ foot retractable circuit disconnect ripcord that deactivates the weapon if the user loses control.

"This is a delightful victory not only for PhaZZer, but also for law enforcement agencies as well as the tax-paying public. Too much money has been spent on wrongful death lawsuits stemming from a weapon that has had the field all to itself and has been fighting companies such as ours to retain its monopolistic hold on the stun gun industry without the support of Patented technology to justify such a monopoly," said Abboud.

The PhaZZer brand is used in 27 Countries and has deployed its CEWs to over 300 United States Police Departments. Law enforcement agencies from Washington to Florida have made the PhaZZer Enforcer™ their stun gun of choice for its unparalleled safety technology as well as PhaZZer's commitment to competitive pricing aimed at meeting the rigid dictates of today's reduced departmental budgets.

"AXON has fought desperately, viciously, and, in my opinion, underhandedly over the last decade to maintain their monopoly as a sole source and keep the PhaZZer® brand off the market in the USA. Now that we have won our first state level multi-year contract, they will need to learn to compete in a world filled and full of competition. As is now pointedly evident, AXON cannot stop PhaZZer, LLC from taking market share", said Abboud.

About PhaZZer® LLC:

Headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, PhaZZer® LLC designs, develops, manufactures and distributes conducted energy weapons and accessories under the PhaZZer® brand. The primary market for PhaZZer® stun guns is Government/Law Enforcement Agencies both domestic and international. PhaZZer® is recognized as the first company to introduce defensive stun guns incorporating safety circuits that are designed to prevent over-exposure of high frequency pulses to the human body. Continuing to adhere to guidelines set by the medical community, PhaZZer® is also the first to introduce this safety technology with the PhaZZer Force™ CEW's to both the civilian and the Department of Corrections with a less lethal solution which renders the weapon inert should the operator be overpowered and lose control of it. In addition to capturing the attention of law enforcement, the safety, reliability, effectiveness, and total ease of use also has these market segments turning to PhaZZer® as their defensive weapon of choice. To meet the dramatically increasing public need for PhaZZer® stun devices the company has created an online civilian training certification program patterned after the rules of engagement as utilized by law enforcement. Representing one of the rare times that civilians and law enforcement share the same defensive weaponry. PhaZZer® technology is primarily designed for safety and effectiveness because "EVERY LIFE MATTERS!". Visit the company at or

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