RollApp - a Real World Assets NFT Launchpad from CurioInvest
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RollApp - a Real World Assets NFT Launchpad from CurioInvest

Friday, July 23, 2021 10:30 AM
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Product Announcements

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2021 / CurioInvest, an investment platform for collectible cars, has presented RollApp, a real-world asset NFT Launchpad. A live demo was conducted at the Eiffel Tower where the team demonstrated how anyone could tokenize any traditional asset and trade it on the RollApp NFT Launchpad. This latest move aims to further the goal of unlocking the trillion-dollar potential of traditional assets through tokenization.

Imagine being able to tokenize and trade your collectible shoes, wine, or watch, as well as track its value in real time. RollApp NFT Launchpad makes it possible.

Curio NFTs are non-fungible tokens based on Ethereum's NFT standard (ERC-721 and ERC-1155) and tied to real-world assets: cars, real estate, commodities, … and just about any asset holding intrinsic value. CurioInvest is uniquely positioned to onboard more retail investors into the fast-growing crypto space, being the first decentralized platform for real-world assets.

CurioInvest plans to integrate Chainlink's decentralized oracle solution to display the price of tokenized goods on RollApp in real time. Through this integration, the product price will be accurately received off-chain and showed onx the Launchpad as the estimated price of the tangible asset. This will allow users to trade real-world assets using NFTs conveniently.

RollApp NFT Launchpad makes the tokenization of real-world assets more democratic in comparison with existing systems where business-to-consumer (B2C) flow is used, and companies are eager to sell their tokenized products. RollApp NFT Launchpad enables the transition from a customer-to-customer (C2C) model - where users trade goods among themselves- to a consumer-to-business (C2B) model - where users tokenize their assets, and companies buy these assets.

Curio Governance Token (CGT), CurioDAO's native token, will be the medium of exchange on RollApp. CGT can be purchased using popular cryptocurrencies on Capital DEX, a decentralized exchange created by CurioInvest (or, for convenience, directly on RollApp). In the future, a user will be able to buy CGT with a bank card instantly on the Launchpad.

CurioInvest Exclusive Founders' Edition NFT Collection Drop

CurioInvest issued its founders' edition NFT collection in 2018. Curio NFTs are utility ERC-721 tokens that look like car parts (details), and a total of 900 NFTs have been minted as part of the collection. They will become available for purchase on the Marketplace, and anyone can buy the historic first NFT collection from CurioInvest.

Users will have the opportunity to win a bonus for purchasing tokens in the collection. These NFTs can be traded on the platform, and for each NFT, there is an opportunity to win Ferrari F12 TDF tokens - or Car Token 1, CT1.

CT1 are ERC-20 security tokens tied to CurioInvest's first tokenized supercar, the Ferrari F12 TDF. You can win a CT1 bonus for buying Curio NFTs on the Marketplace, from 50 to 500 CT1. By buying CT1 tokens, you can own a part of the tokenized supercar Ferrari F12 TDF. The tokens are available for trading on Capital DEX once they are wrapped on the Wrapping page. They can be used as collateral to obtain Curio Stable Coin (CSC).

Asset NFT Collections Available on the CurioInvest NFT Launchpad

Besides the Founders' collection, two more NFT collections will be available on the Marketplace:

  • A collection of exclusive CurioInvest products featuring sneakers, wines and more exciting products to be added in the future. The goods that CurioInvest tokenizes and puts up for sale will be ERC-721 collections of NFT tokens.
  • A collection to which any user can add their products, which will be tokenized in the form of ERC-721 NFTs.

RollApp will allow users to create NFTs using the ERC-721 standard and using ERC-1155 tokens (for example, multiple copies of one NFT).

To own any Asset NFT and issue one, you need to be registered with CurioInvest and pass KYC. A verified account on CurioInvest grants you full access to the company ecosystem.

Need a Loan? - No Problem!

'Get a Loan' is an opportunity for car owners to tokenize their cars through the CurioInvest platform and receive Curio Stable Coin (CSC). If the user decides to tokenize his car when creating an Asset NFT on the Marketplace and selects the 'Get a Loan' option, s/he is asked to upload all the necessary documents for the car. The information would be further verified by CurioInvest, and to protect participants; users must pass KYC before they can use this feature.

After successfully verifying the documents for the car and assessing the cost of auto and insurance, Curio will tokenize the vehicle in the form of ERC-20 Security Tokens and add it to the StableCoin Protocol through the CurioDAO. The platform then issues Curio Stable Coin (CSC) secured by the new ERC-20 Security Token, which is then sent to the car owner.

This process allows the user to add their vehicle to CurioInvest's Security Token ecosystem, make it available in the real-world tokenized asset market and receive CSC for tokenizing their car.

Crosschain Asset NFTs

The Curio NFT Launchpad is set to be launched initially on the Ethereum network. It will further expand into the Binance Smart Chain and Curio Parachain networks, with integration into the DeFi projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. The Asset NFT solution will be available for the first time on Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot-based Curio Parachain. This would enable users to trade their NFTs and wrapped assets across multiple chains.

Blockchain Car Rental

Finally, CurioDAO will launch the first blockchain-based car rental service in Zug, Switzerland. For a start, a Mercedes AMG GTS vehicle will be presented, which users can rent using the Curio Governance Token. The car rental will be based on Curio Parachain and integrated with IoT devices (video cameras, key-box locks) to ensure users can use the service runs without hassles.


Not financial advice. For participant security, the information from users would be verified by CurioInvest before they could use certain features.

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