Digital Media Vending International Is Launching Touchless Vending Machines for Retail Use
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Digital Media Vending International Is Launching Touchless Vending Machines for Retail Use

Thursday, July 22, 2021 5:40 AM
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SANTA ROSA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / With COVID-19 presenting new obstacles in the retail space, many businesses have had to restructure and change the way that they operate. Digital Media Vending International LLC is pleased to reveal their touchless vending machines that are the perfect complement to a COVID-safe retail environment.

A consumer using his smartphone to make a purchase from a touchless vending machine.

Automated retail solutions like vending machines operate 24/7 and can be placed in a variety of locations. The intelligent vending machines produced by Digital Media Vending International LLC can carry a myriad of products from consumables, such as cupcakes and hemp-related products; to wearables, such as clothing and PPE; to electronics, such as phones and mobile phone accessories.

Using state-of-the-art technology, these touchless vending machines allow consumers to view and purchase items on sale using their smart mobile phones. Payment is then completed using a touchless payment terminal located on the vending machine itself.

The delivery area of the vending machine is the only place where the customer needs to physically interact with the machine. Hence, there has been considerable thought and consideration put into the design of this component. All free-standing vending machines from Digital Media Vending International LLC feature a smart delivery area that automatically opens when products have been vended.

After the customer has removed their purchase, the delivery area is sealed again and revolutionary ultraviolet-C (UVC) sterilization lights are activated to ensure that the area is completely sanitized before the next transaction. Research has shown that high levels of UVC radiation are effective for decontamination and the killing of the COVID-19 virus.

These intelligent vending machines are all connected to an online management platform where business owners can view real-time sales data and statistics. Business owners can remotely update product prices, information, images, and even video clips, on their vending machines without having to leave their desks.

The most important result of the extensive expertise of Digital Media Vending International LLC is its ability to customize vending machines for almost any aesthetic and any product packaging shape and size. They have multiple existing options for dispensing mechanisms and can further design special mechanisms to suit any product.

In the new normal of retail, touchless vending machines can deliver products to customers in a safe and accessible fashion, helping businesses to stay on top without bearing the risks and costs of in-person service. Contact Digital Media Vending International LLC to discuss any ideas regarding automated retail solutions to visit their showroom in Santa Rosa, California.

About Digital Media Vending International LLC

Digital Media Vending International LLC is a custom vending machine manufacturer that takes modern automated retail solutions from concept to creation. With its headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, the company focuses on blending innovative ideas with cutting-edge technology to build groundbreaking vending machines that will help any product stand out. Digital Media Vending International LLC also specializes in producing unique one-off vending machines for specific marketing and events and can tailor their machines according to aesthetic or interaction requirements. From touchless vending machines to small wall-mounted vending machines and large format high capacity vending machines, the company is at the forefront of automated retail solutions.

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