The Latest Episode from 'Talk to Your Boss', an Original Documentary Series, Highlights New Favorites of Chinese Gen-Z
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The Latest Episode from 'Talk to Your Boss', an Original Documentary Series, Highlights New Favorites of Chinese Gen-Z

Monday, July 19, 2021 9:30 AM
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BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2021 / Chinese mortise-and-tenon blocks charms the world with the latest episode of the documentary 'Talk to Your Boss' produced by BOSS Zhipin, owned by Kanzhun Ltd.

Compared to those born in the early stage of China's reform and opening up, China's millennials and Generation Z share a stronger sense of identity with traditional Chinese culture and ethnicity and take pride in the country's rapid development, which has driven booming demand for domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional styles and culture.

Expenditures among young Chinese consumers born from 1995 to 2010 reportedly account for 15 percent of all luxury goods sold in China, compared with the global average of 10 percent.

Young Chinese people are playing an increasing role in spurring China's economic growth, while outpacing the consumption habits of their peers in the West. Capitalizing on the rising trend known as Guo Chao, or Chinese home-grown brand fever, mortise-and-tenon blocks is quickly emerging as a niche market. These interlocking wooden bricks, consisting of various colors, are inspired by ancient Chinese building designs. In line with the Chinese home-grown brand fever, mortise-and -tenon blocks, along with many other Guo Chao products, are grabbing attention at home and abroad.

The young generation of Chinese consumers is enthusiastically discussing and sharing their passionate stories about mortise-and-tenon blocks via social media, as more and more creativity and designs are emerging in the market for these unique mortise-and-tenon blocks. 'Talk to Your Boss' is a documentary series produced by BOSS Zhipin, the Chinese market-leading online recruitment platform. In its latest episode, Liu Wenhui, the founder of Chinese firm Wanfeng Shuwu, tells his story of turning Sun (mortise), Mao (tenon), and Dou-Gong (corbel brackets) structures from ancient Chinese buildings into aesthetically pleasing and creative blocks toys, intended for learning and plays.

Through the original documentary series 'Talk to Your Boss' on China's workforce and career market, BOSS Zhipin, with 85.8 million currently registered users, would broaden its market reach by reaching out to a younger generation of new graduates and jobseekers joining the workforce. BOSS Zhipin went public on NASDAQ in June and is currently the top Chinese online recruitment platform with the highest market capitalization.

Investors are eyeing the unique toy market of mortise-and-tenon blocks. As either collectible artworks or high-end family-friendly toys, mortise-and -tenon blocks have increased maturity in both market cultivation and product lineup.

According to news reports, artisans and manufacturers have turned mortise-and-tenon structures into toy blocks with overseas export sales within the last two years. The order volume of mortise-and-tenon blocks surged by 500% year on year in the first five months of 2021, according to, the China-based cross-border business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform.

The tenon-and-mortise structure represents the beauty of traditional Chinese wood craftsmanship, which could date back several thousand years. With the global popularity of LEGO® toys, mortise-and-tenon blocks will have a great chance to become a replacement as the following favorite toy among the younger generation worldwide. It would mean that mortise- and-tenon blocks are not just a Chinese version of LEGO but a home-grown Chinese brand that gathers more popularity than LEGO worldwide.

Wanfeng Shuwu, a four-year-old startup with a team of 20 excellent craftsmen and designers, is now making great efforts to lead and redefine the market for high-end interlocking toys in the world. In the 'Talk to Your Boss' episode, Wanfeng's founder, Liu Wenhui, expresses his hope for mortise-and-tenon to become a symbol for Chinese culture. He would like to 'Let more people know about (Chinese) mortise-and-tenon blocks, just as the whole world does about LEGO. It's my dream to make the world recognize the brand of Wanfeng, the structures of mortise-and-tenon, and the charms of ancient Chinese architecture', as he said.

According to data from BOSS Zhipin Research Institute, thanking to live broadcasts, the Guo Chao trend has maintained its upward momentum since 2020, leading to an increase of 42 percent in the recruitment demand for job positions related to Guo Chao, cultural creativity, and traditional culture compared to the 2019 figure. More and more new Guo Chao-related job offers are available in the markets created by makers like Wanfeng Shuwu. While pursuing their dreams, Chinese youth will have greater flexibility in their job position choices, leading to more crafty innovations like the Chinese mortise-and-tenon blocks and contributing to the steady development of Chinese Guo Chao industries.

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