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Monday, 19 July 2021 09:00 AM


VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2021 / (Netcoins), a subsidiary of BIGG Digital Assets (CSE:BIGG)(OTCQX:BBKCF)(WKN:A2PS9W), is offering their perspective on two major developments in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market. First, in June the price of bitcoin hit a monthly low of $28,908; a daily volume maximum of $138.2 billion was down 42.3% from the intra-month high in May. According to sources in this CNBC article, trading volumes at the largest exchanges, fell more than 40% in June.

Netcoins sees these market conditions as an opportunity, rather than a stumbling block. When considering more traditional investment vehicles, like stocks and bonds, the conventional wisdom is to, 'Buy low, sell high.' This is the basis for many long and short term investment strategies, for example; Dollar Cost Averaging. Netcoins believes that cryptocurrency has established itself as a legitimate investment vehicle, and while volatile, the option to buy Bitcoin should still be part of a portfolio. Aside from financial considerations, opposition to Bitcoin also has political and societal aspects. Certain regimes are currently fighting against the freedom that Bitcoin represents, so supporting the digital asset ecosystem can help promote human rights. President Mitchell Demeter expanded on his company's reaction to Bitcoin market conditions, 'I definitely think the recent movement in Bitcoin value presents an opportunity. This allows a more democratic array of investors to get into the market. It's also great for cryptocurrency in general as a wider pool of investors become owners in it. Lastly, it offers seasoned cryptocurrency investors a chance to increase their holdings at a lower cost. We at Netcoins are here to help anyone obtain Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets, whether they're a veteran or a novice.'


Founded in 2014, Netcoins started out by providing a Virtual Bitcoin ATM solution to over 170,000+ stores across 3 continents, and also operated a private brokerage service for institutional and larger scale crypto investors. As the crypto industry evolved, we've since pivoted to a cryptocurrency trading platform, which users can access online 24/7 through a web or mobile browser at Our leadership team has been strengthened by diverse experience - including that of our president, Mitchell Demeter, who founded the world's first Bitcoin ATM.

Now, we've also made significant investments in technology, offering a simple and streamlined onboarding process, tight security and 24/7 instant trades. We understand that what you do with your money matters. We also know that cryptocurrency can seem like a complicated process. That's where we come in. We build trust by taking the guesswork out of crypto and by delivering results.

We're excited to be part of your crypto journey. From education, to innovation, to our zealous customer service, we are here to be your trusted resource for all things crypto. We can't wait to bring you onboard!


Mitchell Demeter
Phone: +1-844-515-2646
Media Inquiries: [email protected]


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