Singularity Labs Delivers Adaptive VR Training for Retail
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Singularity Labs Delivers Adaptive VR Training for Retail

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 10:00 AM
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HP's intelligent Omnicept Solution enables Singularity's Pioneer Adaptive Learning to deliver personalized training based on real-time physiological responses

SANTA CLARA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2021 / Singularity Labs, the new R&D division of Singularity Group, announces its neuroadaptive training program, Pioneer Adaptive Learning, can be fully integrated with HP's intelligent Virtual Reality (VR) platform, Omnicept. The combined solutions create deeply immersive, realistic and personalized training experiences, enabled by Pioneer's proprietary method of interpreting physiological data to predict real-time learning needs.

Pioneer Adaptive Learning, which combines the limitless and scalable potential of VR with the latest approaches in applied neuroscience, will pilot customized programs for retail employees to develop skills ranging from building empathy in diversity & inclusion, to customer service and sales, to machine operation and order fulfillment. In addition to being more effective at training employees, virtual reality is more cost-effective than in-person training, can engage multiple users simultaneously and enables a consistently high training quality.

The applications allow employees to learn in context of their specific jobs and work environments with experiences guided by individual response data, such as eye tracking, cognitive workload, motivation, memory encoding and heart rate, which help identify when experiences are mentally stimulating or provoking temporary anxiety.

This personalized approach ensures training that is responsive to a user's real-time state of being. The program interprets each human's response to predict interventions most likely to help them embed new information, for example by slowing down if a user is stressed or introducing new challenges if they are bored. This approach results in higher attention rates during lessons and a greater overall retention of information.

"Adaptive learning can significantly cut training costs and decrease employee ramp-up time while providing for a better training experience because employees learn asynchronously by ‘doing' and learning from mistakes," said Kyle Nel, President, Singularity Labs. "HP launched the right technology at the right time to enable Pioneer's vision for the future of work and learning to come to life, providing an opportunity for companies to optimize their training programs without risk or additional costs."

Singularity Labs' Pioneer Adaptive Learning program combines state of the art physiological data collection with state of the art VR quality and processing. Leveraging HP's intelligent VR headset, the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition, the solution streamlines gathering of real-time human insights thanks to an array of embedded sensors that capture physiological responses that shape a unique user-centric experience.

"Singularity Group is an organization with a long impactful history in exponential technology and by adopting HP Omnicept, a powerful and adaptive VR solution, the creation of new user-centric experiences to help businesses better prepare for the future becomes even more engaging and personalized," said Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality Go to Market, Advanced Compute and Solutions at HP Inc. "HP Omnicept opens new possibilities for VR development and has the potential to transform the way we interact with technology, particularly in the retail sector where training that adapts for high turnover rates and a distributed workforce will drive high ROI for businesses."

Singularity Labs is the R&D division of Singularity Group dedicated to "building the future." Singularity Labs identifies, develops, and brings transformative technologies to market that will have long-lasting impact on people and the planet. The interdisciplinary team is comprised of behavioral scientists, virtual reality technologists, consumer psychologists, applied neuroscientists, new product inventors, systems integrators, ethnographers and others. Experts work in conjunction with outside partners to identify, develop, and bring transformative technologies to market that will have long-lasting impact on people and the planet.

Singularity's Pioneer Adaptive Learning via HP Omnicept is one of many endeavors Singularity Labs plans to bring to market. The organization's current focus is on finding scalable solutions to solve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal Number 4: Quality Education. Future aspirations include tackling other SDGs to find new approaches that will bring forth positive change for people and the planet.

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Singularity Group is a global impact organization that looks into the future to better understand how technology will shape businesses and communities in pursuit of its grand mission to impact a billion people over the next five years. For over a decade, Singularity has worked with transformative leaders - entrepreneurs, corporations, nonprofits, governments, investors, and academics - to leverage the power of exponential technologies to make a positive impact at planetary scale. With 250,000 impact innovators across the Singularity network, 150 partners across six continents and a strong digital presence, Singularity Group reaches millions of people each month. The organization has launched over 5,000 social impact initiatives, with more than 60 startups with a combined valuation of $1 billion. For more information, visit

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