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Hummingbird Firm on Bridging the Gap Between Companies and Communities and Making Change Possible

Friday, 09 July 2021 10:35 AM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2021 / Based in Georgia, the Hummingbird Firm provides critical planning and management services, incorporating modern-day strategies to amp up community involvement.

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Influence can be wielded in so many ways. While some capitalize on their reach to solidify their standing even more solidly and push their careers to greater heights, others bank on it to make a difference. This particular move not only distinguishes an individual or a business from the rest of their peers but also leads to the transformation of lives and communities. By bridging the communication gap between companies and their target audiences, the Hummingbird Firm has served as a driver of change and facilitator of inclusivity. Under the leadership of MaKara Rumley, a renowned community engagement strategist, it continues to translate the vision of those under its wings into reality.

This community engagement consulting firm is a widely acclaimed venture specializing in face-to-face and digital engagement for public involvement and participation, strategy, communications, and equity and cultural competency training.

Founded in 2016, the Hummingbird Firm is the brainchild of MaKara Rumley, an acclaimed thought leader who has made a mark in several spaces, including environmental justice, green economy, health equity,, and the environment. Armed with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio borne out of her work at the Environmental Protection Agency and while working as an Environmental Attorney, this powerhouse has managed to build a reputation over the years, gaining recognition for her cultural competence and the extent to which she is able to identify what makes each stakeholder successful.

Since its establishment, Hummingbird Firm has partnered with and catered to a long list of government, engineering, and architecture/design companies as well as nonprofit organizations and professional planners. Apart from ensuring that communication channels exist between large projects and their target beneficiaries, it also goes all-out in enhancing the capacity of its clients, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to refine their initiatives. From the get-go, the fast-growing company has also demonstrated dedication to enabling the success of those who are committed to transformation-instead of transactional-community engagement.

While the Hummingbird Firm is credited positively for showing clients how they can pivot to connect with their communities in the most meaningful ways, the emphasis this highly acknowledged venture places on creating "safe spaces" allowed it to rise through the ranks above anything else.

"We use our influence to create safe spaces for residents to voice their opinions, concerns, suggestions, and input on development, transportation, environmental clean-up, planning, and green space projects," shared MaKara Rumley.

In the coming years, the Hummingbird Firm plans to keep nurturing the capacity for effective engagement and cultural competency of its client. Additionally, it aims to remain the authority in the industry, boasting a signature approach that includes a combination of strategy development, research, facilitation, and training. Fueled by the mission to help their clients positively impact underserved communities, it also hopes to evolve into a national household name capable of upping the chances of success of projects happening in communities all over the country.

Learn more about the Hummingbird Firm by visiting its website.

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