Bentley Records is Teaming Up With ARIISE Partners To Go Public With Their Artist Development Platform
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Bentley Records is Teaming Up With ARIISE Partners To Go Public With Their Artist Development Platform

Tuesday, July 6, 2021 7:30 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2021 / Founded in 2013, Bentley Records is recognized as one of the most coveted labels in the game. Often known for their keen sense of focus on the quality of the music they put out, Bentley Records ensures that they hold themselves to high standards in everything they do, not just the music. With a knowledgeable team working relentlessly behind closed doors to make everything possible, Bentley Records is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing them access to almost every valuable store across the globe.

Boasting an impressive music catalog of over 5000+ records, Bentley Records has cemented its place in the music industry. Also having worked with some of the biggest legends in the music industry worldwide. Continuing to trailblaze in the world of music, as well as expand their horizons, the label recently launched their new AI, blockchain, and machine learning-based Artist Development Platform™, "the future label." And they're bringing in ARIISE Capital to help them take it to the next level.

ARIISE was founded in 2012 as a business sustainability consultant, with its first three clients growing by an average of 400 percent. With continued success and a high rate of growth, ARIISE soon evolved into a two-pronged consulting and real estate investment firm centered on technology and intellectual property production. Following the completion of the world's most sustainable home and creating 12 patents with the technology, each of ARIISE's subsidiaries need independence to expand. In 2017, it was rectified as ARIISE Holdings, and the consultancy branch and equity fund were spun off into separate entities. Now, taking on their next project, they're tag-teaming with Bentley Records' new Artist Development Platform™.

"While it's wise to temper expectations, every so often, the right team meets the right concept and makes magic. There's a lot of magic here, and we're expecting great things in 2021 and beyond," says CEO of ARIISE Capital Ryan Kolar.

Together these two industry titans are pooling their talents to offer up something like nothing anyone has seen before. With this advancement in offerings, Bentley Records continues to show why they are the industry standard for what a Label should be and is separating themselves further and further from their competition.

"It's a real pleasure for Bentley Records to start this project with ARIISE. Me & Ryan have been working on this deal for a while now. The introduction was made by Neil Fridman from the Fridman Law Firm here in New York City. With this partnership, we look forward to growing our Artist Development Platform to the next level," notes CEO of Bentley Records Luca Dayz.

The future is bright for these two powerhouse companies. With this new partnership, look for Bentley Records and ARIISE to elevate to new heights and raise the bar for others to follow in their footsteps. With the implementation of, revenue is expected to increase by 40%, and a valuation is expected to be around the 5 million USD mark.

And now all royalties can be paid in Cryptocurrency or as NFT's if the artist chooses to. One of the first labels to provide these. harnesses the ability to change an artist's life forever, and together Bentley Record and ARIISE Capital are making it all possible.

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