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The Florida Law Firm That Is Knocking In-House Marketing Out Of The Park

Wednesday, 07 July 2021 09:15 AM

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2021 / Bringing marketing, advertising and other needs in-house is a growing trend. It's also a business current that the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine has taken full advantage of in recent years.

The Florida-based firm has boldly brought its marketing back into the fold. This has allowed them to learn many lessons as well as tap into countless benefits that come from marketing in-house.

The Rise of In-House Marketing

The shift to in-house marketing began to gain steam during the early stages of the Great Recession. In 2008, many organizations recalled their outsourced advertising in an attempt to trim budgets and cut costs.

While the short-term effect was helpful, many businesses found that the long-term implications of an in-house marketing agency were even more beneficial. In-house marketing has the potential to enrich marketing ROI by:

  • Cutting costs;
  • Enhancing transparency;
  • Increasing control;
  • Boosting creativity;
  • Improving flexibility.

On top of these benefits, many discovered that the old criticism that in-house agencies limited access to talent had also gone by the wayside. Modern technology and a booming gig economy meant that even in-house marketing teams could still tap top talent from around the world when they needed to.

This combination of circumstances, savings, and tech led to a new surge in in-house activities. According to Forrester and the In-house Agency Forum, in-house agencies increased by over 20% (42% to 64%) between 2008 and 2018.

How Anidjar and Levine Road the In-House Marketing Wave

The in-house lessons learned by the larger business community haven't been lost on the folks behind Anidjar & Levine. The Florida firm understands that if you're going to succeed in business, the last thing that you can do is stand still. In the words of cofounder Marc Anidjar, "Business is about survival. If you are not growing and expanding, you're dying."

This personal drive and forward thinking mindset are what pushed the firm to follow the breadcrumb trail and eventually set up their own in-house advertising agency. According to Anidjar, the firm's recent shift to in-house advertising has successfully restored a sense of control to their marketing, allowing them to scale their advertising along with their firm's growth.

Along with scaling, the shift in-house has enabled the Florida firm to enjoy a plethora of other benefits. For example, Anidjar has gone on record to state that having a marketing department in the building allows the company to remain intimately connected with their brand awareness, voice, and message.

In addition, cutting out the middleman enables them to develop relationships with advertisers. This helps them strike better deals, reduce costs, and increase their cash flow in the process. It also gives them more control which is critical in a hyper-competitive space where agility and speed are key.

Throughout his breakdown of their in-house success, Anidjar highlights several tips that should be kept in mind when shifting away from an external agency:

  • Don't lose focus of who you are as a company. You may have added marketing to your responsibilities, but it should support your larger operation, not replace it.
  • Wait to tackle in-house marketing until you know that your team is big enough to handle it. You want to have qualified people on board who can take on the task effectively.
  • Understand that in-house marketing may save cash, but it comes at a cost. The added administrative responsibility is nothing to scoff at and should be handled with care.
  • Be willing to diversify your marketing strategy. This enables you to optimally address different verticals of your business.
  • Find your existing skills and strengths that translate to marketing and capiltalize on them. For Anidjar it was negotiation, but countless other business abilities apply.
  • Also, find your marketing weak spots. Then bolster these weaknesses through training, experience, and outsourcing of individual talent.

The success of Anidjar & Levine is proof of the effectiveness of in-house advertising. However, it also stands as a testament to the fact that doing your own advertising isn't a panacea or a magic bullet. It takes commitment, strategy, and a willingness to learn from one's mistakes. Nevertheless, if approached in a realistic manner, a shift to in-house marketing can be a net positive for any enterprise.


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SOURCE: Anidjar & Levine

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