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Javid Javdani is the Featured Subject in a New Interview

Wednesday, 07 July 2021 03:00 AM

Balboa International Market

The fully-licensed pharmacist and successful entrepreneur sat down to discuss various aspects of his atypical career, and how each of his chosen professions has affected his life.

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2021 / It is with great enthusiasm that Javid Javdani, a professional pharmacist and owner of multiple small businesses, announces that he is the featured subject of a new in-depth interview. The interview, which was conducted by an online periodical aimed at business leaders and entrepreneurs, is due for publication in the coming days.

Early in the interview, when asked to explain his journey from full-time pharmacist to part-time pharmacist/serial entrepreneur and multiple small business owner, Javid recounts the day he decided to branch out professionally. 'I was already a pharmacist when I decided to try my hand at running a small business. To be honest, I just happened to drop by my local grocery store to pick up a few items one night when I learned the owners were putting it up for sale. I was immediately struck by a bolt of inspiration-why not buy the place? So, that's what I did,' he recalls. 'It wasn't quite what you'd call an ‘impulse purchase', but it was pretty close. I thought about it for a few days and consulted with my family before putting in an offer. Luckily, it was accepted. After that, I never looked back.'

Further along in the piece, Javid Javdani compares what he views as his biggest accomplishments in each of the radically different professions he has chosen to pursue. 'Earning my Doctor of Pharmacy was a big deal for me. It ushered in my professional life. I remember walking up and accepting that diploma all decked out in fancy academic robes. That was one of my happiest moments, for sure,' he explains, adding, 'But right up there with it was the day we re-opened the grocery store under my ownership. We spent weeks and months preparing for that. That first morning when I flipped the ‘closed' sign on the interior of the front door over to ‘open' was so exciting. It gave me a special feeling.'

Anyone interested to read this interview in its entirety is encouraged to keep watch for its imminent publication, while anyone curious to learn more about Javid Javdani and his many businesses is encouraged to visit his personal website.

About Javid Javdani:

Javid Javdani is a fully-licensed pharmacist and successful entrepreneur. He owns and operates Balboa International Market, a neighbourhood grocery store in San Diego that caters to local ethnic communities by stocking a wide variety of international and hard-to-find food items, as well as traditional and conventional groceries. Balboa International Market carries specialty products that originate from distant places like Iran, Russia, India, and a whole host of European and Middle Eastern countries. It carries Halal and Kosher foods, as well. Javid also owns a restaurant and catering business. He currently works only a few days a week at Met-Plus Pharmacy, dedicating the remainder of his time to running his other businesses. Javid Javdani is proud to serve his community both in the culinary and hospitality sectors, as well as in his capacity as a pharmacist.

Contact Information:

Javid Javdani
Owner, Balboa International Market
5905 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, California 92111

Phone: 858-277-3600
Twitter: @JavidJavdani

SOURCE: Balboa International Market

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