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Berrospi sisters Illuminate The Billboards of Times Square with Latino Wall Street and America TV

Monday, July 5, 2021 11:45 PM

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2021 / Two faces that took New York City by surprise in June 2021: Karinna and Gabriela Berrospi, the Peruvian sisters responsible for the rapid growth of Latino Wall Street - the academy of financial education for Spanish-speaking families - recently illuminated the billboards of Times Square. The billboards in Times Square are world famous and are considered the mecca of visual advertising globally - only the most recognized brands and figures in their respective industries manage to show themselves between the crossroads of Broadway and 7th avenue. Known as the nerve center of the capital of the world, where thousands of passers-by move through the crowds each and every day, Karinna and Gabriela Berrospi made their names and their mission known.

However the young Peruvian entrepreneurs and investors were not alone in Times Square. They were joined by Melissa Paredes and Mayella Lloclla, the leading actresses of the novel, Dos Hermanas of America TV. Together, these four women sent a revolutionary message to millions of Peruvian households, who now have the opportunity to benefit from new financial tools and access a better quality of life.

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How did young Latinas get to the biggest billboards in Times Square?

Innovating - that's how. Karinna and Gabriela set a new precedent for financial education in Latin America, reaching where no other academy had managed - or thought - to go: telenovelas. The sisters brought their message of financial freedom and powerful family legacies with an absolutely disruptive formula to the most watched telenovela in Peru, with an audience of more than 1.3 million people daily: Dos Hermanas, from America TV.

With this innovative Latino Wall Street strategy, they made a great impact on the Peruvian audience by transcending borders and capturing the attention of the Times Square creative community as well. The giant billboard announced a live broadcast in which the foursome talked about their experience and the learnings they obtained by taking financial education with Latino Wall Street.

Latino Wall Street: A Message to Transform Lives

Without a doubt, the most interesting thing about Latino Wall Street's participation in Dos Hermanas was the innovative and authentic way in which the movement was presented. Additionally, the benefits it has to offer serve as a second sticking point.

Karinna and Gabriela did not limit themselves to conventional advertising - instead, they traveled to Lima directly to participate in the plot of the novel, which coincidentally narrates the emotional and financial difficulties that arise from not having the right financial tools. In this context, Karinna and Gabriela filmed several scenes in which they introduce Latino Wall Street and its attached branch, Latino Family Coaching, as powerful allies to help Latino families enjoy a freer, more abundant life. The goal is to help them create family legacies that last for generations.

We can take away three great lessons from Karinna and Gabriela Berrospi's participation in the telenovela:

Anyone can invest in the stock market:

The lack of a financial education is to blame for the vast majority of false myths surrounding investing in the stock market. The first message Latino Wall Street conveys to its audience is that the stock market is not just for Americans or wealthy people. Anyone with internet access and a willingness to learn can invest and start making a profit.

Success is not measured in money, it is measured in freedom:

According to the philosophy of Latino Wall Street, transferred to the novel through the voices of Gabriela and Karina, success must be comprehensive, and it is not just about learning how to make more money. A person's success is measured in abundance, peace, and happiness. Therefore, the programs and their training programs not only focus on teaching how to invest, but they also teach viewers how to make better informed financial decisions by focusing on the future and promoting tools to help build more united and happy families.

Your family's legacy is in your hands:

Latino Family Coaching, Latino Wall Street's personal and family development arm, was also present in the novel's message. This dimension of Latino Wall Street provides support and coaching tools to help Latino families create a moral and financial legacy with a long-term vision, while also thinking about the well-being of the next generations.

A New Era For Financial Education

With this innovative strategy, Latino Wall Street not only brought its message to a new audience, but it also marked a before and after in the virtual financial education industry. The billboards in Times Square caught the attention of Irina Baeva, one of Mexico's most famous soap opera stars.

"I loved it because they even implemented it in a novel in Peru to bring it to even more people. To the ladies who may not know how to use social networks to access this information,' added Irina Baeva during an interview for the Mexican program, Primer Impacto. Gabriel Soto, another great Mexican actor famous for his participation in the telenovela "Libre para Amarte".

We still do not know the full potential or the impact that this campaign will have on millions of people in Latin America. However, what we do know for sure is that a door has been opened to new projects to reach millions of households in Latin America. Now they will have a new tool to improve your quality of life.

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