Technology Is the Wave of the Future and UpKy Wants to Bring That to the Real Estate Market
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Technology Is the Wave of the Future and UpKy Wants to Bring That to the Real Estate Market

Monday, July 12, 2021 12:10 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2021 / Real estate is one of the many markets that relies on trends, understanding, and knowledgeable people to get by instead of relying on technology and other tools to make more accurate predictions. While this has the perks of creating lifelong employment opportunities for people who fully understand the industry, it has also led to a slowing down of technological advancement in the business.

UpKy is trying to change the attitude of the real estate industry by introducing technological solutions to business. They are a technology company that leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide valuable insight to the investor so that they can make data-driven decisions. Their objective is to build a set of tools that will help the real estate investor to find, assess, and finance real estate deals. They have a focus on investment properties in the province of Quebec for now and have the plan to extend to the rest of Canada.

What makes UpKy different from others is they focus on investment properties. In addition, they have a product development strategy which is focused on their users who are constantly feeding them with upgrades and new features requests. In other words, they are real estate investor centric.

Though their process and innovative ideas to the industry have led them to success, they struggled when starting out. In particular, it was difficult for them to find talented resources. The market was very competitive and talented resources were scarce or all working for the larger companies. In order to combat this, they had to use a lot of imagination and creativity to create some packages that are attractive enough for these resources.

The founder and creator of UpKy is Uriel Bigot and her partner Chris Meeus. Uriel and Chris both had a technology background that they used in combination with their team who were composed of other experts in various fields. Uriel started investing in France and Chris started investing in Belgium. When they met in Canada when working for the same client as a technology consultant, it was instantly a match and they decided to start investing together in Canada.

"We are technology experts by trade and real estate investors by passion. It was a natural marriage for us to combine our two passions into one by creating this industry. In addition, real estate is so prone to disruption that we saw this as an opportunity to leave our mark and transform how real estate investors buy, sell and rent investment properties. We are very active in the industry, and it was cumbersome for us to assess all the deals that were coming our way, so it made sense for us to jump in the arena and work on delivering some value to the marketplace," Uriel and Chris explain.

To find out more about this marriage between technology and real estate, check out the UpKy website here.

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