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Formulaic Inc.: Disrupting the Real Estate Industry by Cutting Out the Middleman

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 02:00 PM

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2021 / Strategic change can take an industry in a bold direction, as Formulaic Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona, is proving. Founded by Sonia Hodgin, the company's sole investor, Formulaic Inc. is challenging the idea that the trading of real estate must be facilitated by an agent. With this key person taken out of the equation, the business' clients are learning that trading properties on their own can be more lucrative and a lot of fun.

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To teach people how to be their own agents and trade their properties legally and wisely, Formulaic Inc. offers four programs. The first is mentorship. The company's founder learned quickly that many people were apprehensive about selling or trading without the assistance of an agent, so the mentorship program focuses on reviewing their portfolios and helping them understand how to change their formulas. With this assistance, clients are able to gain the tools and confidence to manage their portfolios and understand that there is no such thing as bad real estate, just a bad investor. They see that becoming a wise investor is easier than they had thought. There are over 300 formulas to use that can help them up their basis.

Formulaic Inc. also offers Formulaic 300, 3-day seminars in Scottsdale, Arizona, that teach people how to learn about investments, do their first transactions, and trade in a forum. Attendees learn how to invest in businesses and real estate as well as take a bad debt and change it into a passive asset to cash flow. Topics covered include real estate law for investors, real estate marketing, tax and estate strategies, innovative acquisition strategies, and one-on-one personalized coaching, among others. Attendees finish the seminar confident that they have the knowledge and ability to enter the real estate market. They also understand that they don't need money to buy real estate - they just need to know the right formulas to use.

Perhaps the most unique service at Formulaic Inc. is Formulaic Circle, its Wine and Dine Trading Circle and an invitation-only event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once a month, twelve accredited investors from around the world meet to learn how to truly do a 1031 exchange. The investor/attendee may have a $1 million property; by selling the property on their own with the 1031 exchange formula, they can defer an average of 38% taxation. On top of that, they save on the commission, which can be up to 10% in commercial and up to 14% in real estate in a two-way transaction (selling and buying). That $170,000 remains with the investor. On any given night, there are on average $38,000,000 in transactions. There is no fee for the attendee, as the company's founder is there as an investor and does not mentor anyone at these events. Attendees show up knowing what to do. They have to be savvy.

The company also started a trading forum, The forum was created in San Francisco by a well-known software guru, Ed Wong. It is for paid members only, and they must pay $10,000/year. Members get to trade as many investments as they want with like-minded, accredited investors. Once again, there are no real estate agents, brokers, third party involvement, or transaction fees. With one transaction, members have a return investment instantly and beyond.

With Formulaic Inc.'s success came an enormous amount of money to buy the company's formulas as well as an offer of $50 million for its forum. The founder declined both offers because the business' mission is to mentor people and give them information that can change their lives, not keep them from it.

The business is poised for more success in the future. As the founder states, the reality that investors can directly control their real estate portfolio and increase their profits is appealing. Formulaic Inc. is leading the real estate industry into a new direction, one with nearly limitless possibilities.


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