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Favour Ori: Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Opportunity in Africa

Monday, June 28, 2021 2:20 PM

VANCOUVER, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2021 / Born and raised in Abia State, Nigeria, Favour Ori is a highly motivated and extraordinarily talented Software Engineer. His focus is on building and shipping innovative products designed to simplify, and automate simple, everyday tasks, complex processes, and everything in between in a collaborative effort to raise all ships by making life easier for everyone. But his passion is far more impressive.

Favour Ori's Humble Beginnings in Tech Philanthropy

In 2016, Favour Ori moved to the United States to study computer science and information technology at Southern Arkansas University where he worked with Turing, OpenTeams, GO Ltd., The ABiTNetwork, CultureBase PBC, Saint Louis U, and Oklahoma State University among others.

Before launching his hiring app and company, TalentMatch, CEO Favour Ori founded the non-profit organization, FavCode54 in 2018. FavCode54 and the team behind it are dedicated to helping talented Africans make the connections and find the recourses they need to achieve their full potential. Later, IBM Canada offered financial support to FavCode54, thanks to the advocacy of Leon Katsnelson, Director & CTO, and Antonio Cangiano Engineering Manager, IBM Canada. IBM Canada provided $90 million worth of resources enabling FavCode users to access functioning cloud computing products and services.

Favour Ori launched and sold the College Situation (a service that connects African students to institutions, scholarship opportunities, and fellowships in Canada, the UK, the US, and other countries) to AbiTNetwork in 2020.

A Passion for Training & Teaching

Favour Ori grew up in a part of the world where opportunity is rare, but talent is plentiful. From a young age, he knew that something had to be done to deliver the necessary resources to gifted and hard-working young African men and women. He saw that this was necessary, not just so that Africans can obtain the opportunities they need, but so that their talents and inspiration can benefit the wider world. Favour Ori has shown time and again that his passion is to train and teach African students.

Using the technology he developed in FavCode54, Favour Ori mentors the upcoming generation of African software developers. With the support of IBM Canada, Favour teaches young African tech students to write code via FavCode54's unique online portal. The service offers pre-recorded classes, learning resources, and materials that make the process straightforward for students.

Favour's students do not need a background in coding to begin FavCode courses. They only need the determination to follow the curriculum, complete the work, and by the end, prove that they have mastered the material.

Favour Ori's benefactors and mentors have remarked that young people with talent, energy, and a passion for helping others are necessary to enable talented youth from troubled regions of the world to reach their full potential. They say, money and charity are one thing - but without the motivated outreach of someone like Favour Ori, very little could be done to bring these gifted young men and women up to the level their talents merit.


Ori Favour Theophilus
Favour Ori

SOURCE: Favour Ori

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