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Meet SkyView Advisors: The Brokerage Firm That Is Turning the Commercial Real Estate Industry on Its Head

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 09:40 AM

Sky View Advisors

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2021 / A lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for effective salesmanship, Jay Crotty, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyView Advisors, was fed up with the status quo. In 2015, he launched SkyView Advisors, a brokerage firm that in its six-year tenure has quickly become the leading commercial real estate advisor. 

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Today, Crotty and his team have one simple goal: to revolutionize the commercial real estate brokerage model. 

"It's been the same for the last 50+ years," Crotty said. "We are the first firm that is creating a new model." The traditional brokerage model is filled with inefficiencies and lacks the ability to deliver a consistent level of service.

SkyView's mission is to radically increase value to investors and produce an exceptional experience for clients while empowering every SkyView team member to reach their full potential.

The business model for SkyView Advisors can best be described as a talent development & technology company that happens to sell real estate. Efficiency and execution is at the core of everything SkyView does. 

On the client side, SkyView Advisors provides the consistent level of service that the commercial real estate industry is missing. They have developed a proprietary process that ensures consistency for every client on every transaction.

To build on their people-centered sales model, the team at SkyView Advisors prioritizes top-quality recruitment. While the skill sets of an effective salesperson are fairly simple, they are not easy. Traditional brokerage firms are simply not setup to teach them. This is where SkyView Advisors steps in. 

"We train & develop people into deal-making machines," Crotty said. "Our top producers are consistently making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year in their pocket." 

From the talent side, SkyView Advisors' business model provides an opportunity for new people with limited to no industry experience to succeed and thrive. The traditional brokerage model is designed to protect the people at the top. However, at SkyView, they are leveling the playing field and newcomers are able to make as much as and even more than industry veterans. 

In order to attract the best talent, recruitment at Skyview Advisors is an intensive process. Once a candidate makes it through the comprehensive interview process, they begin SkyView's training program, which starts with a one-week Boot Camp and then moves into a structured ongoing training program. Upon graduating from Boot Camp, the new hire is then assigned an experienced SkyView team member as their mentor. This mentor works alongside them on sales calls and presentations to help them learn while doing. Since implementing its mentor program, SkyView has drastically reduced the turn-around time and risk for new salespeople ultimately resulting in new brokers receiving their first commission check in as little as five months

Mentees have the opportunity for career growth by elevating into a mentor role that has six-figure earning potential only after mastering the 15 essential skill sets required for all sales team members, such as the ability to ask open-ended questions.

Today, their people-centric model has allowed SkyView Advisors to compete directly with some of the largest global firms that have been around for decades. And yet, they regularly beat competitors who are bigger and historically more successful. 

"No other firm in the commercial real estate industry has done this. At the traditional model, it's literally the Wild West. You just figure it out," Crotty said. "It's laughable. It's embarrassing, but it's to our advantage."

By the end of 2021, SkyView on track to become the No. 1 firm for transaction volume in the self-storage market segment.

"We have the opportunity to raise the bar and create a model where our clients and team members are genuinely satisfied," Crotty said. 

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SOURCE: Sky View Advisors

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