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Chris And Aleyna Groves Are Continuing to Grow Their Family-Owned Mortgage Business, Groves Capital, Through Hard and Passionate Work

Wednesday, 23 June 2021 05:45 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / Christoffer Groves is the owner and CEO of Groves Capital, a residential and commercial lending company. Christoffer grew up in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin, and despite having no help or having taken a single dime from anyone, he has built this business through hard work and discipline. His wife, Aleyna Groves, is the best loan officer Christoffer has ever worked with, and together, they have built and operated their company. While still in his early 30's, Christoffer is running the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States.

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Christoffer started his journey in the real estate business for many years. He saw a change in the real estate market, as it transitioned to an online presence. While mortgage requires a strategist mindset that isn't easy to accomplish online and requires a lot of hands on and creative thinking, Christoffer followed this online trend and came up with an idea to create a platform for long term partnership. This requires changing as the market and economy changes in order to be the best fit for their partners. Now, Groves Capital is in 20 states around the country, with 300 loan officers and 65 processors. At Groves Capital, they focus on maintaining a partnership with their loan officers and the trust they have built with clients. This is why they modify their systems on an almost daily basis, so that they can give their loan offices solutions and keep the same level of service as they grow.

"You will have to sacrifice your time , your friends, and your family at times. It will be difficult and you will be running on fumes, but if you keep pushing the rock uphill, the top will be worth the effort," shares Chris based on his own experience.

For Christoffer, one of the most important things is taking responsibility for your own actions or lack of actions. "You can't blame everyone else if things don't go right. Your happiness and your success are on you as an individual," he says. This is why Christoffer prides himself on always finding solutions to a problem. While in business this may take longer, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. "If you ask anyone I can put a positive spin on any situation. Positive attitude is the key to success," says Christoffer.

This year, Christoffer and Aleyna Groves will be launching their third party processing company called United Wholesale Processing, as well as a third party funding company. Their goal is to be fully delegated by late Summer, which means they will have their own underwriters in-house.

"My wife has been my best partner because we share the same goals and dreams. Choose your partners wisely, people will always do what's best for themselves and their family," shares Chris.

While Christoffer did not come from a wealthy family, his father always showed him the importance of work ethic. This is why Christoffer worked and pushed so hard to grow Groves Capital and why he places such importance on work ethic, customer service, and communication.

"I always have big energy and confidence but I still have a big heart and I truly care about the impact I have on others lives," shares Chris.

You can learn more about Groves Capital by visiting their website, and follow Christoffer Groves on Instagram here.


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