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METAHERO Partners with Tenset for an Exclusive Public Sale of Deflationary HERO Token

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 11:40 AM

Metahero Limited

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / June 21st, 2021, Metahero announced a partnership with Tenset to release a novel deflationary token, HERO, in the form of an exclusive public sale via the Tenset Gems Platform. Reference link:

Metahero is an ultra-high-definition 3D scanning technology that can create life-like digital models of almost anything from people and animals to objects, art, and collectibles. The company uses patented hardware and software to franchise highly mobile 3D scanning Chambers usable on-location at events and venues. The same technology was used to create avatars for CyberPunk 2077 game by CD Projekt.

Metahero combines the 3D modeling and real-world business model with blockchain economy and NFT technology to offer creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs new sources of revenue within an independent financial ecosystem. Their ultimate goal is to expand blockchain adoption with engaging, and valuable business cases and real-world products and services.

HERO token

HERO token uses deflationary tokenomics, which unlike most cryptocurrencies on the market, decreases the number of tokens over time, creating natural scarcity and deflation.

Some features of the HERO token include:

  • Deflation

HERO is a deflationary token with a 5% fee added to every transaction

  • Smart Staking

1% of each transaction is proportionally distributed among all holders as a passive reward.

  • Burn

1% of each transaction is forever burned, ensuring an ever-decreasing supply of HERO.

  • Automatic and Locked Liquidity

3% of each transaction is automatically added to liquidity on Pancakeswap v2. The liquidity is permanently locked, except for the buyback & burn function that can release part of the liquidity to burn it.

  • Buyback & Burn

It is initiated when total liquidity (on Pancakeswap) exceeds $10M.

  • Utility

The HERO is used for all transactions within the Metahero Ecosystem, payments, transaction fees, royalties, 3D NFT Marketplace, and franchise royalties.

Tenset Presale

The HERO token will be publicly available exclusively on the Tenset Gems Platform to anyone who registers and has 1000 or more 10SET tokens on their account.


Following the public presale on Tenset Gems Platform, July 5th, the HERO token will be released via Pancakeswap v2.

About Metahero (Codewise)

Metahero is a new business venture from the creators of Codewise, a team with 10+ years of experience building and scaling technology startups from seed investment to multi-million businesses on the Financial Times and Deloitte top lists.

About Tenset

Tenset project bridges financial sector and DeFi through deflationary 10SET token and a smartstaking mechanism. The crypto launched in April 2021 and quickly became the second most trader asset and in top 100 cryptocurrencies on Coingecko.

Media Contact

Company: Metahero Limited
Contact: Jeremy Lopez
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Metahero Limited

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