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Jim Feldkamp on Why Aerial Physical Surveillance is Important

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 11:30 AM

ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / Commander Jim Feldkamp began his career with the United States Naval Reserves. One of the most noteworthy feats in his early days is how Jim Feldkamp flew off the USS Midway in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991.

Jim Feldkamp Take on Aerial Physical Surveillance Work

After his work in the Naval Reserves, James Feldkamp took on a position with the FBI in Norfolk Virginia, where he was a founding member of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force. He conducted collateral duty along with two other pilots from the Norfolk office in order to get aerial physical surveillance of suspects in terrorist and criminal cases.

What is aerial physical surveillance?

Aerial surveillance is the process of gathering surveillance, which often is in the form of video or other visual imagery, out of an airborne vehicle. This may be a helicopter, spy plane, or unmanned aerial vehicle. Physical aerial surveillance is keeping track of a subject with physical observation. It may be used alongside other forms of surveillance to provide investigators with a more clear picture of what's going on.

There are several types of professionals, such as Jim Feldkamp, who use physical surveillance. It requires specialized training and knowledge in order to have the ability to do this work. It's a labor-intensive task and may require a rotation of personnel working at the same task to ensure that their minds stay sharp and this work is done to the best of their abilities. The members of this team must remain vigilant and discreet.

Why is aerial physical surveillance important?

This type of work is important because it helps to identify criminal behaviors and activities. It helps to identify potentially serious threats to individuals, groups, and the greater public before they occur. In many instances, the team can step in and halt the activity that would pose a risk to lives and property.

James Feldkamp states that another benefit to using aerial technology for surveillance is so that the aerial surveillance team can notify other members of the agency or other agencies who are working with them. When they are conducting such tasks according to the high standards of the role, the team can work faster and more efficiently to locate and stop criminal or terrorist actions. This is a crucial part of keeping people safe and eliminate threats of other types of destruction.

Jim Feldkamp on the Future of Aerial Physical Surveillance

Jim Feldkamp appreciates how technology evolves so rapidly. The flaws in aerial physical surveillance are sure to be minimized and there will be more diverse surveillance technology in the coming years. Jim Feldkamp recognizes that this field is one that younger people are likely to take an interest in and continue using this means of surveillance for the improvement of society.


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