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Rapid Launch Media Is Helping Artists And Labels Alike Understand The Ins And Outs Of Social Media

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 04:30 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2021 / One of the many problems that musicians and other people in the music industry face is difficulty getting their music into the market. Often, they find themselves producing good content but not being able to get it out to larger audiences. This is why many artists never attain national recognition and their fan base stays local.

Rapid Launch Media, Tuesday, June 22, 2021, Press release picture

Rapid Launch Media is helping local artists get over this problem by helping them develop their brands, their social media, commercials, music videos, and much more. The Rapid Launch Media team was one of the first to realize how important social media is, particularly Tiktok in the journey to success. They provide Record Labels, Musicians, Music Managers and anyone trying to market their music a way to organically promote or 'blow up' their song on social media, primarily TikTok. Rapid Launch Media is also able to connect brands with influencers to promote nearly anything.

The Rapid Launch Media's mission statement echoes this by stating that their goal is to find the most innovative ways to utilize social media to increase visibility for all brands we work with. With the onset of the pandemic, Rapid Launch Media found their business expanding as more and more artists looked for ways to reach a greater audience.

Their team, specializing in social media, has spent numerous years mastering different techniques that create and attract real followers versus the bots who pose as followers but do not actually interact with a person's content. Anyone trying to market their music organically and 'blow up' their song on social media, primarily TikTok, can get help from the Record Launch Media team.

In addition to social media honing, the Rapid Launch Media team also focuses on creating a brand. They do this by focusing on what makes the person special and making sure their brand is tailored to them versus broad and generalized content. This allows them to create a personality that they can work with and drives content creation for social media.

The Rapid Launch Media team is led by Adamm Miguest. Adamm knew he was going to be an entrepreneur from a young age, but was unsure of how to proceed. That is when he found his niche in the social media world. When social media took off, Adamm learned everything he could about the various sites. Capitalizing on this skill, he was ready to help others succeed.

“I started an app company in college. We actually made a dating app before Tinder got popular and we had some mild success getting new users on our campus and around the world. I learned it took a lot of innovative ways of thinking and a ton of hard work to be successful. Then I saw what most people didn't. I realized as soon as I had the number of every major TikTok'er in my phone book and a bunch of friends in the music industry that I was the perfect person to connect the two and broker these deals. The hardest part was getting higher up people in the music industry to take meetings with me but after proving myself with smaller artists, the bigger execs and music managers started reaching out to me,” Adamm explains.

To find out more about Adamm and his team's ways to help artists get off the ground, check out their website here.

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