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TruCrowd Funding Selected to Participate in Japanese Financial Markets—Launches TruCrowd Japan

Friday, 18 June 2021 11:00 AM

TruCrowd Funding, Inc.

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2021 / TruCrowd Funding, Inc. ("TCF" or the "Company"), an international business platform for crowdfunding and other financial services, announced today, that through Mr. Vincent Petrescu, TCF is the first U.S. based portal operator to be selected by EY Strategy and Consulting (EYSC) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to join the Invest Tokyo program as an equity crowdfunding portal.

"I was pleased to be amongst the few U.S. funding portal owner-operators considered as a candidate for this Japanese economic initiative, stated Vincent Petrescu, the CEO of TruCrowd Funding, Inc. "Of course, I was more excited to discover that we were the only U.S. group approved to launch an equity crowdfunding portal in the Japanese markets."

(TruCrowd listed: Office of the Governor for Policy Planning [Tokyo] as an overseas financial company participating in the Tokyo market-fiscal 2020)

Management indicated that Mr. Petrescu was contacted in early 2020 by EYSC, to participate in the evaluation of U.S. equity crowd funding portal owner-operators who could be candidates to enter the Japanese financial markets. EYSC worked closely with Mr. Petrescu and TCF co-founder, Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc., to assist TCF with meeting the requirements of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. With EYSC acting as the lead consultant and Japanese liaison, Mr. Petrescu was able to establish the TruCrowd brand as the first US-based equity crowdfunding operator in Japan.

Now a subsidiary of TCF, the operations of TruCrowd Japan ("TCJ")-Japanese-based company owned by TruCrowd Funding, Inc.-will be rolled out in three stages. Once complete, TCJ will serve both the Japanese and U.S. equity crowdfunding markets, in a cross border styled collaboration, with other TCF subsidiaries and allied companies. Management indicated that TCJ is the first of four international funding portals that are slated to be launched by TruCrowd Funding, Inc. What is unique about TruCrowd Japan however, is that the initiative itself was originated by regulatory agencies and business institutions in Japan, not the Company.

Mr. Petrescu, who is also CEO of the top-rated, FINRA regulated, equity crowdfunding portal, TruCrowd, Inc., concluded, "As a business leader in this space, differentiating and building the TruCrowd brand is of the utmost importance. I believe that establishing a competitive global footprint will be one of our differentiators-enhancing brand visibility, brand loyalty, and our overall value proposition.

Lastly, and it goes without saying, we greatly appreciate the support given to us by EYSC and look forward to expanding the TruCrowd brand further around the world."

EY Strategy and Consulting / EY Japan: EYストラテジー・アンド・コンサルティング株式会社 | EY Japan - part of the Ernst & Young network of member firms.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government:

Digital Asset Monetary Network (DigitalAMN):

ABOUT TruCrowd Funding, Inc.

TruCrowd Funding, Inc. is an international business services platform focused on crowdfunding and participation in the secondary markets, both in the U.S. and abroad. The business was founded by Vincent Petrescu, CEO of the top-ten rated, FINRA regulated, equity crowdfunding portal owner-operator, TruCrowd, Inc.



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Vincent Petrescu

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SOURCE: TruCrowd Funding, Inc.

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