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Shiv Thakor Coaching and Consultancy Optimising The What, Why & How of Peak Performance to Transform the Results of High Achievers & Businesses Around The World

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 01:50 PM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy is a London-based company designed to transform the performance and lives of go-getters, CEOs, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, leaders, and the like. It uses scientifically backed strategies and industry-leading methodologies that foster growth, deliver transformation, and serve as a breeding ground for triumphant individuals and businesses worldwide.

Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, Press release picture

Some entities and authorities are built to climb the summits of success, generate wealth, and gain fame. However, there are others who establish themselves for more purpose-driven pursuits. These ventures have put in the much-needed effort to become instruments of hope for others, albeit the insurmountable obstacles, to transcend limitations, exceed expectations, and carve success-enabling paths for individuals looking to get ahead in life. Although such philanthropic pursuit requires a persevering attitude and an unparalleled passion for helping others, countless powerhouses have managed to set the bar high because of their vision of making a difference in this dog-eat-dog world. As a result, they have successfully created a space that fosters growth, personal development, and hard-earned success across a variety of industries.

Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy, an esteemed performance, personal development expert and emerging powerhouse in the field, has been opening doors of opportunities for many world-class individuals, businesses and go-getters around the world. Today, it stands at the forefront of the industry, helping individuals reach impressive heights and navigate them towards consistent success.

Zealously established to lend a helping hand for winners and entities worldwide, Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy is currently making waves across a variety of industries. Its diligent efforts to harness potential and consistently push boundaries have earned countless praises among powerhouses, leaders, and peers, rapidly cementing a reputable stance across a highly competitive trade. This promising company not only embraces the idea of personal and professional development and success, but it also seeks to impact lives, sparking a positive transformation and helping others translate their visions into reality.

Needless to say, Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy is more than what meets the eye. While some success-enabling entities focus on physical development and tangible progress, this emerging power player goes beyond ordinary boundaries and highlights the power of transforming the individual's mindset. More impressively, Shiv Thakor Coaching draws promising results among its clients by identifying factors that drive performance and optimize potential.

As a coaching company backed by science and a wealth of experience, Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy ignites change among the lives of its clients through scientifically backed strategies and proven methods. By utilizing these revolutionary processes, this powerhouse achieves outstanding results. The application of its chosen methodology allows the company to profile behavior, drivers, and decision-making styles, which provides a clear pathway towards obtaining the best possible outcome while developing high levels of self-awareness and authenticity. On top of that, Shiv Thakor Coaching identifies its clients' setbacks, helping entrepreneurs, professional athletes, coaches, CEOs, and leaders translate their visions into tangible results.

Although Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy has attained promising milestones on its own, it would not have reached the pinnacles of greatness had it not been for its founder, Shiv Thakor. This former professional athlete has driven his company towards the top using a direct approach that involves authenticity, solutions-based activities, and perseverance. His years' worth of experience in a competitive industry has truly benefited the company.

In the years to come, Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy is expected to spearhead a number of growth-oriented platforms, leading many aspirants and go-getters towards achieving their goals. With the company's impressive array of strategies, topped with the founder's know-how, this powerhouse is bound to take the industry by storm.

To know more about Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy, you may visit his website.

Company: Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 07901656462

SOURCE: Shiv Thakor Coaching & Consultancy

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