Zion Auto Gallery Will Relaunch with a New Look and Exciting Lineup
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Zion Auto Gallery Will Relaunch with a New Look and Exciting Lineup

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 11:50 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2021 / Zion Auto Gallery, the innovative pioneer of bespoke cars in Singapore, will relaunch its showroom and present an exciting new lineup of premium cars to the driving public. The showroom is undergoing a complete revamp and will open its doors on 22 June 2021. The new-look showroom is expected to appeal to the public and spark interest in bespoke cars.

Zion Auto Gallery has been the leader of the premium car market in Singapore since 2011. Since its incorporation, Zion Auto Gallery has prided itself on its wide range of premium automobiles and impeccable customer service. The dealership counts among its clientele entrepreneurs, senior management of large companies and others who place great value in their prized cars.

A decade after its successful launch, Zion Auto Gallery is revamping its presence. Covering a sprawling 3,000sqf in Sin Ming Road, the new-look showroom will feature top-of-the-line makes like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley. The long-awaited revamp is part of Zion Auto Gallery's repositioning as the go-to distributor of top-end cars that cater to the well-heeled and people who value the finer things in life. Part of the showroom will house a new lounge where VIPs can relax, enjoy fine wines and mingle with one another. Regular private events that cater to premium car owners will be held. Zion's valued guests will find these events beneficial as they will not only obtain first-hand tips about car care and grooming but also be privy to new products and services, as well as valuable networking opportunities.

The Director of Zion Auto Gallery, Mr Terence Tan, is upbeat about the new showroom's coming launch. He remarked, 'Zion Auto Gallery is excited about its new showroom. We started planning for the revamp a year ago and are now coming to the final stages of the revamp. Zion Auto Gallery appreciates the continued support from its valued customers and we want to offer something back to them. With the launch of the new showroom, Zion Auto Gallery will offer top-of-the-line makes from around the world. Customers can expect to see the latest models from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and others. These are well-sought-after names by discerning car owners for whom their cars are not just a form of transport but also a fashion statement.'

As a well-regarded car dealership, Zion Auto Gallery has received numerous accolades from its customers. However, what really makes the company stand out from the crowded car dealership market is its innovative bespoke car service. While bespoke cars are not new around the world, it is a relatively new concept in Singapore and Zion Auto Gallery is proud to be leading this market segment. To date, Zion Auto Gallery has served over thousands of customers, with more than hundreds of bespoke cars having rolled through its doors.

Mr Tan said, 'At Zion Auto Gallery, we have seen an increase in the number of requests for bespoke cars in recent years. This shows that the perception of car ownership is evolving and Singaporeans are becoming more sophisticated. Owning something so prestigious like a bespoke car represents a huge undertaking. This is especially so when the luxury car is a worthwhile addition to one's lifestyle. Making such a major commitment requires careful consideration and guidance.'

Offering bespoke customised cars is not the only thing that Zion Auto Gallery is proud of. The company is also the first car dealership in Singapore to import the luxurious Lexus LM350 MPV. The Lexus LM350 is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Commanding an impressive presence on the road, this seven-seater is simply unmistakable and truly matches the owners who are fortunate enough to own this model. Deserving of the title of the king on the road, the Lexus LM350 is certainly the talk of the town. Since its introduction, this luxurious MPV has captured the hearts and minds of its customers. Both owners and drivers have nothing short of praises for the Lexus LM350, which has impressed in more ways than one.

On the Lexus LM350, Mr Tan added, 'Zion Auto Gallery is proud to be the very first dealership to bring the Lexus LM350 to Singapore. This dedicated chaffeur-driven model befits the owners who deserve only the best in both premium cars and top-notch service. From its inception, Zion Auto Gallery has strived to offer only the very best in customer service. Your relationship with Zion Auto Gallery starts when you approach us. When you engage Zion Auto Gallery, you will be impressed with our unrivalled commitment, the utmost service we confer on you and the fully-customised bespoke vehicle that we deliver to you. The Lexus LM350 brings our commitment to the next level.'

With the upcoming launch of the new showroom, as well as scoring a first in both the bespoke cars market and Lexus LM350 distribution, Zion Auto Gallery can truly be called a leader in its field.

About Zion Auto Gallery

Zion Auto Gallery is Singapore's leading car dealership. The company was founded in 2011 and specialises in the the distribution of new and used cars. It counts discerning car owners as its valued clients. Positioning itself as a premium car dealership catering to customers who appreciate their vehicles as important assets that complement their lifestyles, Zion Auto Gallery is on the constant lookout for innovative ways to serve the Singaporean driving public.

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