Korea's First Robot Collaboration Ice Cream Store 'Brown Bana' Has Opened
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Korea's First Robot Collaboration Ice Cream Store 'Brown Bana' Has Opened

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 9:15 AM
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Delivering a unique experience of communicating with robots with sophisticated ice cream. It will appeal to the MZ generation and millennial parents who consume scarcity.

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2021 / Lounge Lab, the food-tech start-up known for , a robot-barista collaboration cafe, announced that it has opened the world's first collaborative robot-based ice cream store, BROWN BANA( http://brownbana.io/ ) in Seoul.

The capsule-based ice cream robot 'ARIS', developed by Lounge Lab, is a robot with a new concept that not only provides ice cream of sophisticated quality but also enables a pleasant experience by interacting with users, drawing attention from the Korean media as soon as it opened.

Brown Bana's ice cream robot Aris provides an interactive experience in which customers and robots communicate through emotional motion functions and animated characters that express various emotions with faces. A total of seven motion contents, including 'greeting,' 'calling,' 'rest,' 'drowsy,' and various dance movements, are applied, as well as facial expressions suitable for each motion through a mounted display with character animation. (https://youtu.be/4OcXQKHnzZs)

If a customer enters his or her name at the time of ordering, the customer's name is displayed on the screen along with eye-catching animations during the ice cream-making process, enabling a sensory experience as if communicating with a robot.

Hwang Sungjae, CEO of Lounge Lab, said, 'Brownbana's interactive technology experience will appeal to customers of 'MZ Generation' and 'Millennial Parents' who do not spare time on rare experiences.' Then he continued, 'As it can stimulate the imagination of children, being curious about new technologies, it will become an attractive brand suitable for various places such as cafes, amusement park, and pop-up spaces.'

'The ice cream robot Aris, unveiled by Lounge Lab in January, has the advantage of always being able to make soft ice cream with consistent quality regardless of employee's proficiency,' he added. 'It is easy to operate with a user-centered interface, so we have received many purchase requests since its release.'

Meanwhile, Lounge Lab, which has been collaborated with brands such as Porsche Korea and Hyundai Motor Company and introduced a CaaS (Caffeine As a Service) that provides food and beverage through contactless robots in premium spaces, plans to expand its retail technology service that gives brand value and new customer experience based on the robot Aris installed in the new ice cream store.


LOUNGE LAB is a retail tech start-up founded based on 'Augmenting Space with Technology.' Currently, we are operating a robot-barista collaboration cafe, LOUNGE'X, collaborative robot-based ice cream store, BROWN BANA, and an AI-based unmanned store.

Dr. Hwang Sungjae is our CEO, who founded several companies including Future Play Co., Korea's leading technology accelerator, Fluenty, an artificial intelligence start-up acquired for the first time by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and 6gram Corp., a well-known online butcher's shop.

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