HeyPal(TM) App Launches iOS Version Worldwide After a Successful International Beta
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HeyPal(TM) App Launches iOS Version Worldwide After a Successful International Beta

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 8:30 AM
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BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2021 / ClickStream Corp. (OTC PINK:CLIS), a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries, announces its subsidiary Nebula Software Corp.'s HeyPal™ app is now available worldwide in the iOS App Store.

HeyPal™ is designed with a user-friendly interface where it is easy and fun to instantly interact with others around the world. It serves as a social app targeting worldwide language learners, travelers, and those who seek a higher level of cultural awareness. The focus is on language learning and language teaching through social interaction in a pressure-free environment. The app caters to an international audience through a social platform that improves on traditional language learning options and connects people from different cultures and countries around the globe. It also solves the problem of communicating in multiple languages while traveling. The Android worldwide launch remains on schedule for Fall 2021.

"We've been working very hard at analyzing data to be able to bring the app to the US and we are confident it will do really well here," said Isaac Nakash, CMO of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula Software Corp. "With the Covid-19 vaccine and travel restrictions easing, it's perfect timing for an entrance into the market to capitalize on the increased numbers of people traveling and learning new languages in the process. We expect to see high usage from people living in the US utilizing HeyPal™ to learn another language."

After an extremely successful international beta which provided pertinent data on key metrics such as app stability, new feature testing, and user engagement, ClickStream is now ready to ramp up HeyPal™ user acquisition activities and accelerate early-stage growth through worldwide iOS launch and a worldwide marketing campaign supported by K&J Growth. Since beta launch, growth has been fully organic with only hand-picked user acceptance and minimal marketing beyond initial A/B testing. Upon iOS worldwide launch, ClickStream's multi-faceted marketing campaign plans to generate tens of millions of impressions over the coming days and weeks to build on its global user base.

"After a successful beta launch, we are excited to release our product globally to countries around the world," said Tristan Chaudhry, CTO of Nebula Software Corp. He continued on to say, "We believe the United States will be one of our largest markets for HeyPal™ and we will also be launching in other countries such as Russia, China, Indonesia, and all 175 countries that have access to the Apple App Store."

Preliminary data captured from HeyPal™ daily user activities, intra-session engagement, and time spent in-app has contributed towards Nebula Software Corp.'s substantial progress in developing its monetization strategy. HeyPal™ offers many options for potential monetization such as memberships, premium feature options, advanced 1-on-1 learning, and in-app social currencies.


ClickStream is a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries. The company is currently marketing and developing WinQuik™ , HeyPal™ and Nifter™ respectively. For more information, please visit website at https://clickstream.technology/ or Twitter at https://twitter.com/ClickstreamC or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/clickstreamcorp/.

WinQuik™, is a free-to-play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform. The platform is designed to enable WinQuik™ users to have fun, interact and compete in order to win real money and prizes. For more information please visit Website at http://www.winquik.com/ or Twitter at https://twitter.com/winquikapp or Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/winquiktrivia/.

HeyPal™, by way of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula Software Corp., is a language learning app that focuses on "language exchanging" between users around the world. For more information about HeyPal™, please visit Website at https://www.heypalapp.com/ Instagram at https://instagram.com/heypalapp/or Twitter athttps://twitter.com/HeypalA.

Nifter™, by way of ClickStream subsidiary Rebel Blockchain Inc., is a music NFT marketplace that allows artists to create, sell and discover unique music and sound NFTs on the Nifter™ marketplace. For more information about Nifter™, please visit Website at https://nifter.io/.


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