VETRO is Building the Future of Fiber with its Internet Infrastructure Intelligence Platform
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VETRO is Building the Future of Fiber with its Internet Infrastructure Intelligence Platform

Thursday, June 17, 2021 9:00 AM
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Faster, smarter, and ready to scale, the VETRO FiberMap platform is ushering in the digital era of fiber network management and empowering operators with transformative technology.

PORTLAND, ME / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2021 / VETRO, Inc. announced today that it is enabling network operators to establish, light up, and monetize fiber networks faster and more efficiently with the latest version of its flagship VETRO FiberMap platform.

The company has made a significant investment in talent and technology to make VETRO FiberMap faster, smarter, and ready to scale, modernizing and redefining how fiber networks are planned, designed, built, and operated. In a pivotal moment for America and the world, VETRO is primed to be the platform that powers broadband equity by enabling operators and owners to digitize, visualize, and operationalize their network data.

The challenge of making the sprawling complexity and intricacy of networks visible and operational has long frustrated network owners and software developers alike, and solutions have fallen short. While other industries have streamlined and scaled with the productivity, centralized knowledge, and democratized data that has become the standard in enterprise cloud business software, telecommunications operators have struggled to design, manage, market, and sell network assets with decades-old technology and disjointed collections of single-use apps.

Now, in this critical moment when the world is looking to these same network operators to modernize connectivity and bridge the digital divide, VETRO is empowering them with the intuitive tools, techniques and aesthetic of truly disruptive software. With the ability to render spatial data more quickly than ever before, users are able to operationalize and query their network data at scale and on demand and leverage new insights to uncover new opportunities for expansion, revenue, cost efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.

"VETRO is our partner in innovation," said Andrew Eubank, VP of Fiber at Visionary Broadband. "We chose VETRO for the simplicity, scalability, and responsiveness of the team. Very few companies have shown such a commitment to making their product work for their users, and we're excited to use the power of the VETRO FiberMap platform to accelerate our deployment even further."

The latest enhancements to the platform build on the already best-in-class features with deeper, clearer network visibility, more flexibility to explore and filter data, and more powerful insights in a scalable, secure, and future-proof framework. All of this is available in real time to anyone in the organization, served up how and when they need it.

"We talk a lot about ‘underserved' communities' when it comes to connectivity, and in a way these providers have been underserved themselves when it comes to access to the tools and technology they need to rise to this unprecedented opportunity," said Will Mitchell, CEO and Cofounder of VETRO. "We worked with operators to understand their needs and built this platform to empower them with a solution that modernizes their operations and brings their data to life. Creating a digital home for the physical internet is the true disruptive power of VETRO."

About VETRO, Inc.

VETRO is a SaaS software company delivering unparalleled internet infrastructure intelligence™ through a unique mapping platform. We deliver the world's best map-based SaaS platform to plan, design, build and operate the internet infrastructure that enables a connected and sustainable world. VETRO is built for ISPs and others who own or manage fiber networks and need a fiber specific asset management platform. At VETRO, we are passionate about enabling better connectivity for all, and delivering disruptive digital transformation for all Communications Service Providers. Learn more at

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