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How Gather Network Is Disrupting the Digital Advertising Industry

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 2:00 AM
Gather Network

ROAD TOWN, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2021 / The smartphone revolution has made everything easier today, from taking orders online to snapping wordie images. According to Statista, there are more than 6 billion smartphone users across the world. Developers can show off their skills by building applications that solve some real-life problems. A great job requires excellent pay, right? Wrong. Many developers don't even control how they monetize their platforms. They often earn little from advertising, many yearning and seeking alternative means of making money in exchange for their craft. Gather Network is a company that may have the answer to that.

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Gather Online: an alternative way of monetization

The traditional advertising model ensures that publishers are less rewarded for their hard work. That is why the Gather Network is providing a new outlook when it comes to monetization. Gather Network rewards publishers by the sessions instead of displaying advertisements. The longer the session length, the higher the revenue the publishers will generate. With this model for a 30 minutes session, the revenue generated can be as high as 20x compared to the traditional advertising models.

User experience

A powerful mobile publishing platform needs to be innovative and have a great user experience. Many blockchain projects are innovative, but unfortunately, they don't commit much time to make it easy for users to navigate forcing visitors to pursue for a little bit and leave resulting in high bounce and drop off rates. The Gather Network dev team ensured that the user experience reflects on clarity and simplicity for users. Publishers can easily navigate the website, and there are resources available so that every user and publisher understands how the system works perfectly. They also have a big Telegram community where users and publishers can submit their questions.

Rewarding through the Gather Foundation

The foundation of any great blockchain project is based on a good governance and strong community, and Gather sure knows how to solidify these fundamentals. The Gather Foundation ensures its good governance and community rewards through grants in Gather tokens ($GTH) from the treasury of the ecosystem builders. The Foundation is an independent entity consisting of 12 members, two members from the Gather operating entity, and the rest of the members are third-party stakeholders, ecosystem builders, masternode holders, publishers and auxiliary chains.


Data is the new asset for today's digital economy and for businesses. That's why it needs to be safeguard to ensure consumers are not subjected to uninvited snooping or access. The safety of user data has never been a major concern in the advertising industry. That is why at Gather Network, the platform ensures that users' data is not collected or held by anyone.


The success of projects relies on several factors: excellent products, a great team, and most notably, in startups, great partnership programs. That is why even though Gather has built a great product, they are constantly working with developers to improve the platform through co-marketing partnerships. They also partnered with great companies in the industry to take the project to the next level like Coindar, YFDAI Finance, Curate, Giftz, Cartesi, Dafi Protocol, and many more.

To learn more about the Gather Network and partnerships, visit their Medium page:

How to participate in Gather

Users can learn more about this fantastic project by visiting the official Gather Online page,

Ask questions and interact with the most friendly community in crypto by visiting this link:







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