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Chad Everett Harris Pens a New Article Dealing With the Intrinsic Importance of Entrepreneurs

Monday, 14 June 2021 03:00 AM

In his new piece, the serial entrepreneur and landscaping professional takes a big picture view on the role that entrepreneurs play in keeping an economy healthy.

NEW ORLEANS, LA / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2021 / It is with great pride and pleasure that Chad Everett Harris announces he has written a new article that takes an in-depth look at why entrepreneurs are a crucial element of any country's economy. The article, which was published by an online periodical that targets high-level businesspeople, is broken down into seven major sections, each dealing with a different value that successful entrepreneurs add to society overall.

The first point Harris makes in the article is that entrepreneurs produce most of the jobs in society. 'While many people focus on mega-corporations like Facebook and Amazon, the reality is that most jobs are created by small businesses run by entrepreneurs,' he writes, adding, '(t)hese people are why many jobs exist, and the economy would be a lot smaller without them.'

Farther along in the article, Chad Everett Harris makes the often-forgotten point that entrepreneurs pay the lion's share of taxes in most developed nations. 'When (entrepreneurs) hire workers, they have to pay taxes on each worker, and they also have to pay a considerable amount of money in business income taxes and personal income taxes,' he explains, further connecting the dots, 'taxes provide the money that governments need to spend on social services and military expenditures.'

Beyond that, Chad Everett Harris addresses the positive influence that entrepreneurs have on fuelling technological innovation, providing capital for other companies, and general economic growth and prosperity in any given society. The full text of the article is located here.

Anyone curious to learn more about Chad Everett Harris or read more of his writing is encouraged to visit his professional website.

About Chad Everett Harris:

Chad Everett Harris is a successful, serial entrepreneur. From an early age, he felt a passion for creating and running businesses. Like many children, his first foray into entrepreneurship was a small, front lawn lemonade stand, but it was enough to ignite a fire of inspiration. By his teenage years, Chad Everett Harris had developed a venture mowing neighbourhood lawns into a profitable company, the proceeds from which he used to help his mother pay the family's bills.

Upon entering the professional world, Chad Everett Harris made a splash with his contributions to the Audubon Park Golf Course, the New Orleans Sculpture Garden, and the Long Vue House & Garden Discovery Garden. As a result of these and other ventures during his thirty years in the green industry, he has accumulated expertise in the fields of construction, retail, and e-commerce. More recently, Chad Everett Harris assisted in the construction of the world's largest data centre in Rockdale, Texas-a one hundred acre facility used to house high-speed computer servers.

Contact Information:
Chad Everett Harris
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 504-415-6669

SOURCE: Chad Everett Harris

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