GoSun: Leader in Using Solar Power to Innovate Products that Help the Earth
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GoSun: Leader in Using Solar Power to Innovate Products that Help the Earth

Thursday, June 10, 2021 8:10 PM
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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2021 / GoSun , whose solar-powered products provide solutions for the difficult environmental problems we all face today, intrigues investors who want to make a difference in the age of climate change and global warming. However, the genius of the company is how multifaceted the usages of those products actually are. On any given day, you might find a family camping in the Sierra Nevadas and cooking with one of GoSun's solar ovens. At the same moment, a poor family in a developing country like Malaysia might be using a solar-powered water purification system designed and donated by GoSun. A couple who live in a tiny home in Arkansas could be using a GoSun solar-powered cooler. That GoSun's products can be used on so many different levels is the reason investors are supporting the company's latest crowdfunding efforts on Start Engine . They recognize that GoSun truly is the right company for those who care about protecting the environment, helping other people, or simply living more easily and responsibly.

GoSun is run by CEO, and Inventor Patrick Sherwin as well as Gary Starr, GoSun's Director of Business Development. The company literally started out of an old garage, convinced that using solar power was both a responsible and fun way for everyone to live. Its loyal customers agree. The company rapidly grew as it cemented its standing and has had nine successful product launches, landing the company in the top 1% of all crowdfunding innovators. In 2020 alone, GoSun earned $3.9M in revenue, and has now sold 100,000 products across 70 countries, and enjoyed a 109% sales increase over 2019. Clearly GoSun's message of more sustainable, simpler living has resonated with a large percentage of consumers, and it aligns with the prediction that the solar energy industry will grow 6,500% through 2050.

The key to GoSun's success has been its ability to rapidly solve the problems that many people have believed are unsolvable. One is the reality of the limitations of grid power, which cannot be trusted because of its long, complicated, and often compromised supply chain. To break society free of this outdated mode of power, GoSun turned to solar power and designed products that can be used effectively even if it is cloudy or overcast. So long as the owner can see a shadow, GoSun's products will work.

GoSun also solves the environmental issue of single-use products. Campers often find themselves buying items for their trips that never make it home and unintentionally contribute to the ever-growing problem of landfills and plastic. GoSun's latest innovation, the Chillest, is a solar-powered cooler that confronts this issue. Among its many benefits, owners do not have to buy ice for their trips, ultimately reducing the amount of plastic waste. It is innovative features like this that put GoSun ahead of its competition and make it the smart choice for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth.

The future of GoSun will be just as exciting as its past. 2020 saw many environmental emergencies, including the deep freeze that hit millions in America, causing a days-long loss of power. Knowing that more weather disasters will come, GoSun is developing a solar-powered generator that owners will be able to rely upon when power is lost. Its design is expected to take much of the pressure off power grids and lessen the likelihood of outages in cases of extreme cold. These gasless generators will also be capable of charging phones, lights, laptops, tablets, and other devices. This will be a wise purchase for any consumer concerned about living on our changing planet.

GoSun is also creating a lightweight camping trailer that can be set up in just thirty minutes. Owners will enjoy being able to cook, purify water, keep food and drinks cold, have a wash station and prep area, all using a solar/battery power supply. Users will ultimately have more fun in the sun and know that they can be prepared for anything.

The ingenuity of GoSun has been recognized by the press and industry leaders, including Top Chef, the Science Channel's All American Makers, The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation, and numerous news channels. Because of GoSun's commitment to assisting in disaster relief efforts around the world, the company is one of the first solar manufacturers awarded by the United Nations Clean Cooking alliance, UNDP, and the American Red Cross. GoSun is currently working in several developing countries to introduce affordable solar solutions.

GoSun has been so successful because it listens to its customers. Our world's population increasingly wants environmentally responsible products that save money, help the climate, and allow them to live healthier and be prepared for change. As global warming continues and the enjoyment of outdoor activities increases, the demand for GoSun's solar-powered products will grow.

Now is the time to invest in a company with enormous potential. To own a piece of GoSun or invest in the future of solar for only $250, please go to GoSun's equity crowdfunding on Start Engine , where you will find more information on why creative, forward-thinking GoSun is who environmentalists, campers, RVers, tiny home owners, and outdoor enthusiasts turn to for solar-powered products.

GoSun provides innovative solutions that are good for the Earth and provide portable power for the people. For more information about GoSun, please contact:

Call: 1.888.868.6154 
Text SMS: 1.513.547.2426 
Email: [email protected] 


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