MHHC Enterprises Inc. Provides Insight Into ONBLi’s Strategy Behind Seeking Out Brands in the Men’s Grooming and Premium Beauty Products Category
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MHHC Enterprises Inc. Provides Insight Into ONBLi’s Strategy Behind Seeking Out Brands in the Men’s Grooming and Premium Beauty Products Category

Thursday, June 10, 2021 2:35 PM
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OLYMPIA, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2021 / MHHC Enterprises Inc.('MHHC') or the 'Company') (OTC PINK:MHHC) a diversified holding company is pleased to provide insight into the Company's brand acquisition strategy.

Several years ago, Anderson Salgado, CEO of ONBLi met with several key executives at various premium beauty product companies, the takeaway was that premium beauty products were not destined to thrive via e-commerce. These executives' rationale was simple, before buying, customers needed to feel, smell, and test beauty products, especially those considered premium. Five years later these categories continue to thrive thanks to the billions in sales from e-commerce giants, subscription websites, content creators, influencers, and educators pushing products through YouTube and other social media platforms.

As firsthand believers in the power of e-commerce combined with a keen knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relation Management (CRM), data analysis, proactive and reactive advertising and other marketing-driven terminologies; the team at ONBLi is more confident than ever that the future of consumables including beauty lies within e-commerce. This is not only driven by the continuous Year over Year (YoY) sales growth across all premium beauty brands, but how we now have the ability to evaluate consumer trends, seasonality, customer purchase behavior, basket market analysis, customer cart value, impressions, clicks and conversion rate among dozens of other data points that cannot be collected from brick-and-mortar retailers.

"For the last five years, data has proven that the evolution of consumer purchases has moved from convenience to value. I cannot remember the last time I purchased protein powder, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors, body butter, or facial lotion at a brick-and-mortar store, the same is said for most of my friends, colleagues, and family members within my generation. However, setting my biases aside, I needed additional facts to support these observations before seeking out beauty and men's grooming brands and launching them at ONBLi. While evaluating other categories against this sector, we still couldn't match the adequacy, profitability, excitement, loyalty, low shipping costs, expansive product catalogs, diverse pricing structure, and high profit margins this space has to offer," explained Salgado.

ONBLi continues to collect data in this category and in doing so, the Company has become even more confident in its execution within this space. Nevertheless, it is important to note that as brands evolve so will ONBLi which is why the Company intends to seek out specific brands such as those with natural and/or organic ingredients as well as those brands backed by science leveraging cutting edge formulas and good manufacturing practices.

As ONBLi continues to evolve, so will its platform. In the coming months ONBLi intends to seek out several brands to sell to its customers on its platform in addition to offering those our customers are already loyal to and enjoy using daily.

About MHHC Enterprises, Inc.

MHHC Enterprises Inc. (MHHC) is a diversified holding company, focused on its core businesses: MHHC Warranty and Services Inc., MHHC Reinsurance, Inc. and ONBLi, Inc, the company's wholly owned e-commerce subsidiary that intends to simplify e-Commerce through its revolutionary FiNDiNG technology by matching consumers with optimal products based on the fundamental criteria of wants, needs, and budget. Currently MHHC has over 1,000 retail locations selling Extended Service Contracts (ESC) across the United States and online. MHHC is a leading national provider of help desk and warranty insurance administration services for a wide variety of industries and consumers. Additionally, the Company's organization creates and specializes service programs for a variety of manufacturers and commercial construction such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industries. MHHC is a leader in call center 'on-shoring' by creating jobs in the United States for professional phone representatives - both sales and customer service employees. The Company's call center processes claims and service calls offering warranty support solutions for a variety of businesses.

MHHC prides itself in offering troubleshooting solutions over the phone and developing processes to eliminate overhead costs of shipping and timely repairs on approved claims. The highly skilled staff at MHHC consistently provides mission-critical solutions and results that assist industries and manufacturers in driving down warranty support and repair costs for their organization.

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