Period Care Reimagined: August Launches Period Care Subscription Boxes for Anyone Who Menstruates - Sustainability, Traceability, Community, Inclusivity, and Impact + August is Covering the #TamponTax
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Period Care Reimagined: August Launches Period Care Subscription Boxes for Anyone Who Menstruates - Sustainability, Traceability, Community, Inclusivity, and Impact + August is Covering the #TamponTax

Thursday, June 10, 2021 11:00 AM
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Company Update

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2021 / August, the lifestyle brand working to reimagine periods, has just launched their new product line-up, providing sustainable and impactful period care for anyone who menstruates. Their direct-to-consumer subscription boxes are available at Periods aren't one size fits all, and period care shouldn't be either.

Key Product/Brand Highlights: Media kit folder

  • Pads & tampons are biodegradable, and their applicators are recyclable when rinsed. Standard disposable period products take 5-8 centuries to decompose while August products take 216 accelerated hours (6-12 months).
  • Products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, chemical-free, super absorbent and sustainable without sacrificing quality.
  • Interactive product journey maps, sustainability reports and certifications are on their website for all to see.
  • For every purchase, August will donate products to an underserved school.
  • August will cover the luxury tax or 'Tampon Tax' for orders placed from the 30 states that have it.
  • In line with their mission to democratize access to period care, August worked with their community members to develop Ask August: A free, medically verified, and ever-growing period health Q&A database

Everything August does is with, by and for their Gen Z community. The demand for more sustainable, ethically sourced, and impactful products is clear--and August accepted the challenge of reimagining period care by putting a sustainable spin on the products we know and love.

August is co-founded by two Gen Z entrepreneurs, both of whom are class of 2021 college graduates. Nadya Okamoto is the founder of PERIOD, the nonprofit organization working to end period poverty and stigma, and the author of PERIOD POWER; and Nick Jain is the founder and former COO of JUV Consulting.

Nadya Okamoto, the co-founder and CEO of August, says that 'this has been an absolute labor of love that we've been working on collectively since the beginning of 2020. When we originally got together, we started having these group video calls where we were just inquiring to see if there was truly a need for better period care for gen z. We learned that there absolutely was, and accidentally found community with each other for so much more than just periods. I think naturally when you talk about hormonal changes and our bodies, we end up talking about mental health, overall wellness, and sharing stories and asking questions about our own personal physical and emotional experiences that we would otherwise be too nervous to talk about.'

Nick Jain, August co-founder and COO, shares that 'This has been a really humbling and inspiring experience as a cisgender non-menstruating male. Nadya and I became best friends a few years ago, and it's hard to be friends with her and not get passionate about destigmatizing periods too. Every day I learn more about the extent to which the stigma around periods permeates our everyday lives, and the ways in which brands have consistently forced menstruators to think they deserve an inadequate period experience, from the products they use to the way their periods are talked about. I hope that through the work we do with our community, and the questions we are unafraid to ask, we can push ourselves and the overall period industry to be more accountable.'


The period experience can be powerful-and August shows that period care can do so much more than just caring for your period. August is more than a company with sustainable and traceable period products; they are about community, inclusivity, and impact. The #innercycle, a community home base, allows everyone to connect directly with the brand and hang out with Team August. The brand is intentional with their language, casting, platform, and packaging designs to ensure that everyone who menstruates feels celebrated and represented by August, as the menstrual space is gendered and leaves many menstruators feeling left out of the conversation.

August uses their platform to amplify the voices of their community and create an inclusive space for period expression. Their goal to change the culture around periods cannot be done in a day, but August's promise is that the company will continue to learn and grow with their community and never stray from their mission: to eliminate period stigma and democratize access to period care.


Founder and CEO, Nadya Okamoto
[email protected]

SOURCE: August

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