Hargrave Ministries Releases Growing in God Podcast
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Hargrave Ministries Releases Growing in God Podcast

Friday, June 11, 2021 11:30 AM
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Hargrave Ministries has recently released an educational podcast called Growing in God.

NORTHRIDGE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2021 / Gary Hargrave of Hargrave Ministries has recently released an educational podcast called Growing in God. The podcast covers many fascinating topics in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Holy Bible, seeking to reward Christian listeners with education about their faith.

All of Hargrave's teachings are based on Biblical text. Going back to the roots of the Christian faith helps to ground people and help them fully express their thoughts about God and spirituality.

The latest episode of the Growing in God podcast focuses on interpreting the Holy Spirit in the Hebrew scriptures. Hargrave examines the etymology of the term Holy Spirit and finds common ground among the many books and chapters of the Hebrew scriptures. Many specific cases of the Holy Spirit's influence in the Scriptures are brought forth for study.

Another recent episode of the podcast deals with the testing of Christians' faith. He explores the trials faced by Biblical figures and how people may face their own difficulties related to faith in today's world. He relates that it is normal and expected for Christians to experience trials in their faith, even though this is not a popular message today.

A third noteworthy episode of the Growing in God podcast concerns the position of the Jewish people in terms of their faith. Hargrave reminds his listeners that the Jewish people were first chosen by God and that the salvation of the Christian people did not replace their salvation. Contrary to popular belief, the Jews did not reject Christ and face God's judgment as a result. Too many Christians take this dim view of the Jewish faith, interfering with proper relationships between people and congregations.

Taken as a whole, the Growing in God podcast can be an important stepping stone toward a full understanding of the Christian faith. Drawing on the common threads between Christianity and Judaism, Hargrave provides a case for better relations between the two religions.

Listeners to the Growing in God podcast stand to gain a great deal in their own spiritual understanding. Studying the Scriptures is one of the most important tasks for a Christian, and Hargrave's teaching can help them direct their religious education.

Another episode of the Growing in God podcast is about the covenant between God and his people. Hargrave explores Biblical scripture regarding the shift from the individual covenants experienced by figures like Noah and Moses to the community covenant that was begun in Exodus with the Passover story.


Gary Hargrave intends his podcast to be a jumping-off point for listeners' independent study of the Bible and the Hebrew Scriptures. He guides spiritual growth through the podcast, but he gives the responsibility for further study to the listener.


The calling of the Lord upon Hargrave Ministries is to lead people into spiritual maturity by revealing biblical truth. Our passion is to see the Kingdom of God manifest on earth as the Body of Christ grows in unity, power, and love. Everything we do flows from the revelation of the Hebrew foundations of our Christian faith, and we work diligently to bless the land and people of Israel.


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