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Clean Vision's Subsidiary 100Bio Unveils Breakthrough Tech Solution to Compostable Food Package Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 9:00 AM
Clean Vision Corporation

New Bioplastic Manufacturing Technology Substantially Lowers Cost of Entry for Conventional Packaging Producers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Clean Vision Corporation (OTC PINK:CLNV), a holding company that acquires and operates sustainable clean tech and green energy businesses, today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary 100BIO™ has developed and unveiled a proprietary, upgraded process that enables manufacturers of food packaging and serving products to produce its certified compostable products utilizing their legacy, conventional (petroleum-based plastic) manufacturing equipment.

100BIO is a technology provider of stylish, sustainable, and eco-friendly food packaging products for the food services and packaging industries. With its latest technology breakthrough, it offers a sustainable material solution to those manufactures looking to upgrade from petroleum-based plastic and transition to a compostable (non-toxic, biodegradable) option without compromising quality, or production efficiency or cost. 100BIO will provide the specifications of its new process to credentialled food packaging industry manufacturers or its materials consulting firms under NDA.

"I'm excited that our new tech processes represent a pivotal breakthrough to our industry and greatly increases the value of our manufacturing process and its end products," said 100BIO President, Jea So. "Consumer awareness of, and demand for, certified-compostable, single-use food packaging and serving products is growing daily. Manufacturers and consumers both want eco-friendly products, while the primary resistance we've encountered has been from manufacturers over the cost of production and transitioning from their conventional plastics production processes. This breakthrough effectively solves that for practical intents and purposes."

100BIO Bioplastic Technology Background

In general, the use of polylactid acid (PLA) as a bioplastic material requires less or no mechanical characteristic production processes in comparison to petroleum-based plastic, as well as far less reliance on thermal controls or considerations. Although PLA was initially used only in high-end products, increasing manufacturing efficiencies and rapidly growing market demand for eco-friendly vs. plastic materials in single-use packaging is leading to its widespread adoption.

In order to improve its compostable products' tensile strength and thermal properties, 100BIO has discovered several more commonly used cross-linking agents and plasticizers to complement a wider range of extrusion and injection molding applications. This produces a new compound that enables various plastics manufacturers, not just of rigid packaging, to accommodate 100BIO's resin composition without the additional capital expense of new or modified equipment. As a result, this new development can improve the elongation rate of foam in order to maximize sufficient cell-forming. Although the final product looks and feels like Styrofoam it is completely compostable and non-toxic, with great insulating properties.

"Single-use plastics are a growing, global scourge," Ms. So added. "100BIO has been investing for years into upgraded production of our certified-compostable single-use products on legacy, conventional plastics manufacturing equipment to bring our costs in line with that of plastics. With today's announcement, I confident we've reached the inflection point where consumer demand and eco-friendly manufacturing economics successfully intersect."

About 100BIO, LLC

100BIO has created the world's first 100% biodegradable foam for the food services and packaging industries. It has developed a proprietary solution for the creation and manufacturing of compostable single-use food packing and serving solutions to meet the needs of specific customer requirements.

Located in Southern California, 100BIO licenses its technology to manufacturers across the broad spectrum of the packaging industry. 100BIO was founded in 2016 and has been delivering its products and services to customers in the growing bioplastic packaging sector ever since. Its patented technology has secured composting certifications in the US, EU, and Asia and it continues to develop new technologies and solutions to drive its business globally. For more information go to:

About Clean Vision Corporation

Clean Vision is a public company that acquires, manages, and operates a portfolio of synergistic companies in the clean technology and green energy sectors.

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