Finding a Balance Between Passionate and Effective Leadership, Kaegi Leadershift Inspires Leaders and Executives to Reach the Top of Their Performance
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Finding a Balance Between Passionate and Effective Leadership, Kaegi Leadershift Inspires Leaders and Executives to Reach the Top of Their Performance

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 12:50 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / EmPowerment Group Ltd is an international company with a team of mentors and coaches that aim to inspire and develop leaders. Initially founded in 2000, the company grew into the Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd, and is now focused on providing visionary leaders and their leadership teams with effective concepts for their power development and uniqueness. Their motto, 'moving leaders from hard work to heart work®,' is rooted in their belief that in order to become a great leader, it is crucial for the individual to become who they truly are and be passionate about what their legacy will be, and what they will leave for the next generation of leaders. In other words, the company moves visionary executives to reach groundbreaking empowerment and sustainable impact.

Kaegi Leadershift, Ltd is calling upon visionary leaders and executives to work together toward a new and even better future. In order to do so, the company believes that this is to be done through visionary competence, transformation power, and a future-focused approach. As such, they challenge and stimulate leaders that are looking for a deeper meaning of their work and empower them to sustainably express their strengths. In this manner, the Kaegi Leadershift Team guides leaders and companies to become their best version, and stand out from the crowd. The team is made up of talented and experienced coaches who have the ability to guide individuals toward the aligned actions crucial to turn vision into reality.

The main mentor of the Kaegi Leadershift, Ltd is Heinz Kaegi, the founder of the company. Heinz has more than a decade of top executive experience and over 12 years of experience as an independent entrepreneur in the United States and in Europe. Since then, he has led many speeches and presentations on leadership, has written bestselling books, and conducted lectures and coaching programs across the U.S. and other continents and languages. Mr. Kaegi is proud of the work that his company and team have been able to achieve, and leads through the words 'What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve.'

Kaegi Leadershift works with visionary leaders to create what they call an 'economy of heart,' a grown passion for the future and for new common ways that preserve integrity and strive for a balance with our planet earth. In order to challenge leaders and companies to become the best they can be, the Kaegi Team works on strengthening the internal competence within the client's company and builds a unique collaborative environment called 'force-field of flow' with the clients' key staff. It is because of their unique commitment and passion for what they do, that clients see Kaegi Leadershift in such a positive light. Based on feedback, the Kaegi Leadershift team is seen as inspiring coaches that challenge individuals to become effective leaders who work for and achieve effective transformation.

Kaegi Leadershift, Ltd and its team continue to work hard for executives and companies to bring their performance to the next level of impact. You can learn more about their projects and what they have to offer by checking out their website here.

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