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John LoPinto Explains How You Can Benefit From Investing in the Stock Market Young

Monday, June 7, 2021 6:25 PM
John LoPinto

STATEN ISLAND, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 / John LoPinto recently is a private equity fund owner discussing the major advantages of investing in the stock market while you're young.

Your twenties may feel like a time for investing in nights out and budget travel. However, financial experts like John LoPinto suggest investing in the stock market during your twenties could offer major advantages down the road. LoPinto added that stock market investments can be beneficial to 20-somethings even if they have debt or low salaries.

'Starting in the stock market young can give you more freedom in the future,' LoPinto said. 'Investing is often a waiting game, so the sooner you get in, the more your earnings will grow.'

LoPinto added that young investors are often willing and able to take more risks. These riskier investments are more aggressive, and they can result in far greater gains. Similarly, young investors have more time to learn the ins and outs of the stock market. They are able to learn and grow from their failures and their successes. Investing is known for having a long, steep learning curve, and young investors have more years to adapt.

'Young generations tend to be more tech-savvy than older ones,' John LoPinto said. 'They can pick up new investing tools, apps, and strategies more easily because they have a more tech-oriented knowledge base. They're also more inclined to dive into forums and watch videos to acquire new investing strategies.'

John LoPinto explained that investing in the stock market young isn't only to create a retirement fund. Investing early can result in income throughout the life of the investor, which can be used for schooling, a home, and other major purchases.

'A simple investment of $10,000 at 20 years old can grow into about $70,000 by the time the individual is 60,' LoPinto explained. 'If that same individual invests 10 years later, they would have about $43,000 when they turn 60. That $17,000 is a major difference.'

LoPinto encourages young individuals to start investing now instead of waiting years or even decades to begin. The knowledge gained in these early years of investing can lead to drastically superior investments in the future. Any mistakes that are made can also be overcome with time.

John LoPinto is the owner of a private equity fund and a lifelong investor. His advice for younger generations comes from decades of experience in the industry.

John LoPinto
Keyport Venture Advisors,
(646) 941-8820

SOURCE: John LoPinto

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